Random Musings

Musing #1
My mind have been pre-occupied with something else but I cannot divulge just yet what am I too busy about in the past weeks. Took staggered off days from work when doctors supposedly on duty were both on leave. This morning, I reported to work and I think I left my heart and brain at home. A new patient came in but mistook her for an old patient who also had an appointment around the same time as hers. I did check, I asked if she is Ms A and she said yes. I think my voice was too soft and she didn't hear me properly.

Lesson learned: To speak audibly at all times when dealing with patients and before hitting the queue button, double check if it's the correct patient.

Musing #2

We attended hubby's company family day last Saturday afternoon after a trip to CPF in Tampines and a side trip to another place before hubby went to finish some work in his office and I went back at home to catch up on some sleep (insomnia didn't let me off again on Friday night, huhu). The kids had face and hand painting done, played some games and brought home goody bags and sculptured balloons. It was a good decision to attend (hubby thought of skipping the family day this year because we were just too busy with something) because the kids had so much fun despite the fact that the little one was sleep deprived too (skipped his afternoon nap) and wasn't in the best mood.

Lesson learned: Make time for Family Days because it only happens once a year and the kids will always love it no matter what.

Musing #3
I had my hair cut, perm (2nd time) and colour (1st time for my virgin black locks) done last week and thought I made the wrong decision. I was due for hair rebonding but thought of a perm instead for a change. I had this impression that sporting curly locks makes someone (especially myself) look older, but I was really dying to make some drastic changes on my crowning glory so I closed my eyes and went for a perm anyway. On our way home from hubby's company family day, I overheard his colleague telling him "your wife looks so young" and another colleague seconded, "yeah, so pretty". Awwww, thank goodness I had time to apply some mascara and lipstick before we rushed to the event's venue. I thought of putting a light make up too but failed to do so because we were running late.

Lesson learned: The best make up is a smile. Also, be generous and sincere in giving compliments, it can turn someone else's tiring day awesome.


  1. So young and pretty indeed!: )

  2. indeed, family days are the happiest days, and agreeing with M's colleagues :) youthful and beautiful