Saturdate with the Kids at Botanical Gardens

I don't work on Saturday nowadays but last Saturday, I had to report to work because one of superman's patients needed dressing to be changed to prevent infection. Since there was only one patient (to which superman attended himself), I brought the kids with me so that I could bring them to botanical gardens for an instant nature retreat right after settling the patient's bill.

We went straight at Food for Thought located near the Napier Road entrance for a quick brunch, then we headed to the swan lake when the little one started to throw tantrums. He stopped crying right away after seeing the terrapins and fishes swimming in the lake. He was overjoyed when I let him feed the fishes with a left over bread. Imagine his delight and fascination when fishes jump to catch every small piece of bread he throws. He kept yelling to her big sister, "Ate, look! Ate, look!" everytime a fish catches the bread.

After feeding we decided to look for the swans but on our way to the other side of the lake, a huge lizard was sunbathing right in the middle of the concrete trail (see lower left photo). After taking a snapshot of the lizard, we detoured and took the other trail. Beforehand, we already spotted two small lizards while feeding the fishes (see upper right photo).

After locating the swan (upper left photo), we went on to explore the rest of the botanical gardens and we spotted yet again another medium sized lizard and the bigger kid was very fascinated while the little one was a bit scared. He mumbled, "Mommy, another way", when the medium sized lizard started crawling towards us. The brave big sister retorted, "wait baby, I need to take a photo of the lizard". By that time, my phone battery died.

After four (2 small, 1 medium, 1 large) lizard encounters, we rested on a metal swing under the shade of a big heritage tree. When the sky suddenly turned grey, we headed back to the clinic to rest and re-charge my phone while waiting for the hubby to fetch us. We ended our Saturdate with a warm chicken soup and hand made pizza at Pizza Hut in Lucky Plaza and window shopping at Takashimaya. As usual, the little brat went home with a teeny tiny Tomica car. He goes crazy when he sees cars hence I declared, from now on no more window shopping when the boy is with us. :D


  1. Lovely nature scenes. I love the swan, turtles and lizard! Happy June and have a great week!

  2. Hehehe I join G in protesting over the no window shopping when he is around rule: ) hmmm I think the fish feeding scene was so cute!!! I can almost see G's gorgeous dimples!: )

  3. Haha, I wonder if how baby G would take the no window shopping rule :)