5 Essential Things for a Vintage Themed Wedding

A vintage themed wedding has taken brides by storm this year. What is more, the trend sees no signs of fading into obscurity any time soon. If you are enthralled by the romanticism of vintage weddings, but you are unsure how to decorate your wedding venue in this theme, then you need not look any further. This article will give you practical, and helpful, advice on how to adopt the vintage theme for your impending nuptials:

Let’s be honest, bunting is amazing. What is more, there is an incredible range of different styles of bunting for you to incorporate into your big day. You can keep it chic and twee with Hessian and lace style bunting, or you can wild with color and incorporate colored bunting into your bid day. Colored bunting can look simply divine when used in your venue. Choose differently patterned fabrics in your bunting to ensure that the overall effect looks mixed and matched.

Should you want more personalized bunting, hinting at the finer details of your perfect, big day, then take a look at Paper Themes. They have an  amazing selection of bunting for you to decorate your venue with.

Tea Service
Vintage tea sets can look super on your big day although this option may not be great for brides on a budget. China tea sets, with matching saucers and teapots scream vintage elegance. What is more, by serving tea out of them you can make sure that your guests are drinking responsibly on your big day. Opt for pretty pastel tones with chintzy patterns to add to the overall effect. Sticking to plain teacups and saucers may look a little too contemporary for your old fashioned themed wedding.

Fresh Flowers
Filling your wedding venue with heavenly fresh flowers will not only look gorgeous, but it will smell amazing too! You can choose to arrange your fresh flowers in a plethora of different holders. Use old milk bottles, glass vials or crates and have your flowers tastefully arranged to suit your needs. You could also choose to have them woven into your bunting. Of course, opting for fresh flowers isn’t cheap, but it will add to the ‘wow factor’ of your wedding.

Cupcakes Galore
If you want to stick to a quintessentially British theme, then serving cake with your tea is an absolute must. Cupcakes are perfect for this, as they can be given out individually with little fuss. What is more, your guests will adore this personalized touch (as well as being able to give into their sweet tooth). You can purchase lace cupcake holders to ensure that you stick to the vintage theme, or simply adorn the cupcakes with flowers, butterflies or cake picks.

Keep it Simple
The key to any vintage style wedding is to keep the color palette simple and understated. You need to ensure that you stick to muted colors such as a greys, pale pinks, blues and creams so that your wedding looks the epitome of elegant and understated.

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