What to Look for When Choosing a Fertility Clinic

If fertility is a concern for you and you are considering In Vitro Fertilisation(IVF), there are questions you should ask (and things you should look for) when making the very important decision of the best fertility clinic for you.

Success rates:
Of course, the thing you will want to know most about is the clinic’s success rates.
It’s important to note that the statistics generated by IVF clinics change from year to year in response to the number of cycles performed. Also, the success rates of fertility clinics are impacted by factors including egg quality (significantly determined by a woman’s age), sperm quality, skills and expertise, and a range of other health and genetic factors.

While keeping these variables in mind, you will surely want to know the number of women that have babies as a result of fertility treatment. It is also worth asking about the clinic’s implantation rate, but highly advisable to seek the recommendation of your doctor as some clinics transfer larger numbers of embryos than others.

Your gut instinct
When visiting a fertility clinic and considering whether it is the right clinic for you, it is useful to trust your instincts. You will have a sense of whether you feel welcome and supported and whether the clinic is an impressive and hygienic place.

Given the importance of the work that fertility clinics do, it’s vital that the highest standards of hygiene are maintained at your chosen clinic. Professional cleaning specialists, such as AMC Sydney, should provide comprehensive and thorough services so that the entire clinic is sanitary, hygienic and presented to the most impeccable standard.

Your personal chances
If you need the support of a fertility clinic and its specialist staff, you should ask about the likelihood that you will become pregnant and not just the overall success rates reported by the clinic.

This information is specific to your circumstances and can only be derived through consultation with a fertility specialist. Such a professional can carry out a comprehensive medical examination to better inform you of your chances of conceiving and delivering a healthy baby through IVF.

Others’ experiences
In some cases, women or couples choose the best IVF clinic for them through referrals from people they know. The good news is that if someone you trust, such as a friend or family member, had a good experience at a fertility clinic you may well have a similar experience.

Many people are unafraid to share their experiences of fertility clinics and you are likely to gain a lot of useful information through others sharing what they did and did not like about particular clinics.

To reduce unnecessary stress, your fertility clinic should be conveniently located and have opening hours that suit you. Coupled with this, the staff of the clinic should appropriately interact with their clients and treat them in a friendly, welcoming and supportive manner.

Ultimately, the right fertility clinic for you will depend on a number of factors. It’s important to select a clinic that is professional, impressive and achieves good results. Most importantly though, the right fertility clinic for you will be a place where you feel comfortable, understood and well supported.

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