You Know You Are a Child of a Blogger When...

1. You need to wait for a minute or two to be able to eat your food in a restaurant because mummy needs to take a photo of your beautifully plated food.

2. You can't jump right away on a hotel bed during your vacations or staycations because mummy had to take a photo of the hotel room in pristine condition for a hotel feature or review.

3. You have to pose and give your best smile for the camera always. In other words, you are mummy's personal model.

4. You get to enjoy theme parks with complimentary entrance tickets.

5. You get to do too many fun activities all in a day.

6. You get to dress matchy matchy and/or mummy decides on what you wear for an OOTD post.

7. Your friend tells you she saw a mushy photo of yours and your mummy in the internet.

8. You get a reward bought from mummy's blog earnings.

9. Things you say gets recorded in the worldwideweb.

10. You can't use the PC because mummy had to finish her paid article for immediate publishing.

11. When you bake, mummy documents your every move and you instantly become a celebrity Junior MasterChef.

12. You get an open letter on your birthdays.