3 Ways To Mark Your Child's Coming Of Age


You took care of your child from the day they came into the world. When they were babies and toddlers, you nursed them through illness, and when they were at school, you helped them with their homework. There will have been many emergencies and dramas in the intervening years, but at last they make it to adulthood.

It is a significant milestone for parents as well as for the young adult. It is time to let go the apron strings and for them to make their own way in the world. Of course, you will always be around to help, advise, and pick the pieces up when necessary; a parent’s job is never ending.

You must mark the occasion to make it memorable. You cannot let it slip by unnoticed. If you are looking for inspiration, you will find some groovy ideas here that your child will never forget.

Holiday Abroad
Treat them to a holiday of a lifetime. Unfortunately, that will probably mean that you can’t go. They will have friends of the same age whose parents face the same dilemma as you. Meet up with them to see how far your budgets will stretch The kids have more fun when they are on their own. here are a few destination ideas.

  • Tenerife is a fantastic destination for youngsters. Do you think they are mature enough to handle the nightlife and alcohol? It is a party island, and they are sure to have a wild time.
  • If they prefer a cerebral holiday, think about exploring the past with a trip to Egypt. A cruise down the Nile will take them to all the best locations so they can absorb what the ancients left behind.
  • Go backpacking in India. This journey is only for the most confident and wise people. It is an adventure of a lifetime. You can discover more about backpacking holidays online.

Throw A Party
Why not throw them the ultimate party bash? it will be the first one at your house where there will be alcohol instead of pop. When the party starts, slip away quietly and let them have fun. Though they love you, your presence will cramp their style. here are a few ideas for the ultimate party.

  • Hire a band to provide the entertainment. Nothing gets the party in full swing like live entertainment.
  • Check out photo booth hire so that they can capture their friends drunken faces forever. You will be surprised at what goes on in those booths.
  • Rent a swimming pool for the occasion. pool parties always go down well with tipsy teens.

Buy A Car
you have already paid for the driving lessons; now it is time for the car. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy as long as it is almost new and reliable. Everyone remembers their first car, and they will also remember from where it came.

The occasion is both happy and sad for you. You are happy that you brought them up well but sad that they no longer need you. Don’t feel like you are out to pasture; make the most of your time. After all, it won’t be long before your parenting skills come out once more to help raise your grandchildren. They will be along before you know it.

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