Everything You Need to Know About Choosing a Watch

If you don’t own a watch, your wrist has been naked your entire life. A watch can enhance your overall look, and compliment an outfit perfectly. You can even wear watches with other wrist jewellery, like bangles and charm bracelets. Choosing a watch is always hard, as there are millions of styles and brands out there. This post will help you choose yours:


Stick to Your Budget

When watch hunting, you need to set a reasonable budget that you can stick to. Watches come in all kinds of price ranges, so you need to decide whether you’re going to splash out on a high-end watch (this could be in the thousands), or a lower-end watch somewhere in the hundreds, or even tens. Just take a look at this Calibre de Cartier watch price to see what you could be spending. Whatever you decide your budget is, you should be able to find a decent model that serves you well.

Research Brands and Models

There are lots of different brands that sell watches, and various models. Some brands specialise solely in watches, while others make watches, clothes, shoes, and more. In my opinion, the best watches come from retailers who specialise in watches only, but you may still be able to find one you like from a popular fashion brand. It all depends what you want from your watch! Do your research and read reviews so you can work out who makes the highest quality watches.

When it comes to models, make sure you know what features they offer. Are they waterproof? Are they automatically winding? Is there a guarantee? Do your research.

Consider Your Style and Personality

Your style and personality will have a lot to do with the kind of watch you pick. If you’re quite understated with your style, a big, flash watch probably won’t suit you very much or go with your day to day wear. If you’re quite bold and loud, you probably don’t want a plain watch. Make sure the watch you choose matches your personality, and will go with other jewellery you wear regularly. Make sure it suits your popular outfit choices too.

Watches Can Speak

Whether you like it or not, your watch will say a lot about you. In fact, some people admit that they have a look at a person’s watch to learn a bit about them upon first meeting them! Your watch could tell people that you’re classy, funky, loud, girly, unique - you name it, your watch can say it if you want it to. What do you want your watch to say about you?

Although you’ll want the best watch you can afford, don’t try to look richer than you are. You’ll only resent your watch and end up pawning it off to somebody else if you get in financial trouble because you wanted a high-end watch. By cleverly selecting a watch you can have something that looks expensive without spending a fortune. Thanks for reading!

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