5 Common Traits Found in a Natural Teacher

We can all think of particular teachers that really made a difference to us through the way that they fostered the development of our mind and spirit. Good teachers are important and quality education and training providers, such as HBA Learning Centres Australia, know that there are personal and professional qualities that make some people naturally great at sharing their knowledge.

Natural teachers are confident
Many of the best educators exude confidence as they teach, but confidence takes a variety of guises in a teacher. Some great teachers are completely confident in their subject knowledge and know that this makes them effective in sharing this knowledge with their students. Other teachers are entirely confident that their skills as a teacher are honed and high quality. 

Ultimately, natural teachers are confident that they are doing what they are meant to be doing. They value their time and respect the students they teach and their love of teaching is immediately obvious and experienced as genuine by their students.

Natural teachers have life experience outside of the classroom
To be most effective in putting learning into context and keeping a balance between the pressures of school and life more broadly, life experience outside of the classroom is important. 

Many of the best teachers have travelled, gained professional experience in other fields, enjoyed success in sporting or recreational contexts and enjoyed life experiences outside of teaching.

Life experiences can bring a range of qualities and skills that enhance teaching; these include: teamwork, the ability to collaborate and a greater appreciation of the relevance and practical applications of learning.

Natural teachers understand what motivates individual students
Different motivators exist for different students and the best teachers understand this well.

The most effective and skilled teachers able to help their students understand the context of whatever they are learning and draw connections between their learning and interests. In this way, natural teachers help to keep their students engaged in their learning and fully aware of the point of their work.

Natural teachers show that they are real people
Far from being all-knowing and infallible, natural and highly effective teachers can admit that they don’t know it all, and even show some sensitivity and emotion. 

The very best teachers are those who are brave enough to show some vulnerability. This means that the best natural teachers establish a genuine connection with students by showing some emotion in the classroom. The best teachers also do not hesitate to admit and show that they do not know everything.

Of course, there are some emotions that should not be shared with classes. But, those who are able to admit that they are not having a great day, or are committed to helping their students find the answers relate to their students best.

Natural teachers take risks
Taking risks and encouraging students to do the same is not easy for all teachers, but the ability to take some risks can mean that memorable learning experiences are created for students. Students almost invariably appreciate it when their teacher tries something different and strives to make learning interesting and enjoyable.

Natural teachers tend to have many of the traits listed above. Added to this, they know how to focus on what is really important, realise that what administrators think is not their prime concern and always work for the benefit of their students.

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