5 of My Beauty Secrets Revealed

I've been almost pimple-free all my life. On the very rare occasions that a pimple decides to appear on my face, it appears on the most hidden places like my eyebrows and inside my nose. Please don't hate me but I am blessed like that. The only thing that bothers me most are my blackheads but I get rid of them quite religiously. Family, relatives, friends, and acquaintances have always been generous in giving me compliments about how good my skin is and I do get the question accompanied by a compliment, "So, what's your secret? It seems like you never age." every now and then.

I think it is about time to share my secrets in one blog post. To be honest, I don't think they are secrets so let's call it beauty regimes instead. Are you as curious as my folks? Read on:

1. I go for a facial spa once a month 
To set things straight, make that once every two months because I always end up skipping every other month due to the demands of my schedule as a full time working mother. I am such a lazy bum when it comes to applying facial masks amongst other effective beauty products so I prefer leaving the experts to do it for me. I always look forward to my facial spa sessions because they do not only massage and thoroughly clean my face, they also help me get rid of my stubborn blackheads and shape my non-existent (read: very thin) eyebrows.

2. I apply moisturiser twice a day
One of the beauty blogger I know once commented that whenever someone asks what's her beauty secret, she would answer moisturise, moisturise and moisturise! That's when I started doing so myself. I apply moisturiser after bathing in the morning and after taking a shower at night before going to bed. That's how I keep my dry skin soft and smooth. I do skip applying at night sometimes (I am a lazy bum, remember?) but I make sure I use moisturiser at least once a day.

3. I eat fruits and vegetables everyday
Confession: I don't drink a lot of water. I know, I know! Please go ahead and scold me too. Haha! Hubby and the bestie have been nagging me to drink more water daily and I am doing my best to be an obedient wifey and bestie for my own good and for the love of my family and love ones. I do eat loads and loads of fruits and vegetables to make up for it. I deserve to pat my own shoulder, eh? Seriously, if you wish to have good skin, drinks lots of water and eat fruits and veggies every single day. In short, stay hydrated and get proper nutrition.

4. I use sunblock, sunglasses, cover up and summer hat when necessary
Always make an effort to protect your skin from the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun. Some people say, even when you stay indoors, apply sunblock with lower SPF because the heat coming from indoor lights can also harm your skin. When I'm in the office, I use a lotion with SPF 25 Pa++ and when I am outdoors specially in the beach, I use sunblock with higher SPF, cover up, sunglasses and summer hat to safeguard my skin.

5. I apply make up only when necessary
I am supposed to wear make up every single day when reporting to work but I stopped doing so. I make do with a lipstick, light powder, eyebrow pencil and mascara to make myself presentable. I only apply eyeshadow, blush on and beauty what-nots when it's really necessary like when attending media invites and when taking a selfie is required. I also try my best to use beauty products with natural ingredients. My beauty must haves are a red lipstick, water-proof mascara, eyeshadow palette, blush on palette with a good brush and an eyebrow pencil. Like me, you can conveniently shop your own beauty must haves at Sephora online in Singapore.

Stay beautiful!

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  1. Hi there naturally pretty!: ) stay simply beautiful: ) am still waiting for your IG selfie series: )