God Never Sleeps

In my almost one decade of living in Singapore, I only experienced blackout one time and that was when we were still renting a flat in another block. I could still vividly recall how I amused I was when all home owners went out of their flats as if they were all ready to protest about the power blackout. In a couple of minutes, power was restored and I never experienced blackout again since then.

Yesterday around half pass 1 o'clock in the morning, I woke up perspiring. I checked the aircon and the air cooler, both are turned off. Half asleep, I went to switch on the light in the master room only to find out that we have no power at all. I peeped on our neighbour's flat through the bedroom window, some of their lights were on. I expected it because power blackout here is unheard of uncommon.

Didn't want to wake up the hubby who is snoring sleeping soundly. I went on to check the electric breaker myself and found nothing wrong. Everything was turned on which means no short circuit happened. I had no choice left but the inform the hubby. We proceeded to check our reading meter outside and nothing was wrong too. I called the SP Services hotline right away and they sent us someone to check what's wrong.

Beforehand, the lady whom I spoke to warned me that if their staff don't find anything wrong outside, we had to engage a private contractor to help us restore the power. And that's what exactly happened. Hubby and I frantically Google searched for an electric contractor. I called the numbers of the first 2 companies that appeared in my search engine, both no answer. Hubby gave me another number to call and I breathe a sigh of relief when a male voice answered the other line.

I was quoted $180 for checking and restoring the power, excluding any electrical part that needs to be replaced. I passed the phone to the hubby and they agreed on whatever charges need to be made. The uncle electrician arrived after half an hour or so. He opened the breaker and found the electrical wires burned. He said we were lucky (I'd say we were blessed) that it didn't cause a fire.

We paid a whooping S$400 in total but it's nothing compared to what we would have been lost if a fire broke. God is watching us. God never sleeps. We could have been burned alive as we were all sleeping soundly but he saved us, all of us, our house and our possessions. We can't thank God enough for keeping us safe from harm. Miracles do happen. God is great, all the time!


  1. Indeed God is great all the time. Take care always twinzypotsy: )

  2. glad it didn't cause any major damage Che, indeed, God is great all the time