Going solo: 5 of the best places to travel alone

While sharing travel experiences with friends and family is generally the norm, venturing out into the big wide world on your own truly satisfying and enlightening experience. Obviously there are some more dangerous places you won’t want to go on your own, but there are plenty you can enjoy sans friends.
Sit back and read about all these places you should have thought about visiting a long time ago!

Canada is world renowned for its people being ridiculously nice – so you’ll never have trouble finding someone to take a photo for you, or to hold your bag while you find your passport. There are beautiful cities in Canada where you can eat pancakes and bacon with maple syrup, and pretend you don’t have a care in the world. Staying in a hotel or backpackers in Canada will ensure you make lifelong friends with people nicer than the mates you’ve had since first grade.

Japan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and the charm is in how amazing it is watching the modern day society interact with the traditional side of things. Japan has so much to do and so much to see; it’s a country that you can visit on your own and never get bored. Besides, who doesn’t want to visit the country where sushi was invented? Even better, if you’re on your own there’ll be no one to judge you for how much sushi you eat.

G’day mate, how are ya? The hospitable nature of Australians will leave you speechless, and slightly confused when you can’t understand their slang. The beautiful beaches along the east coast, the wonderful shopping in Sydney, and the ever enjoyable tram rides in Melbourne will leave you wanting to come back to Australia again and again. It’s a perfect place to travel on your own because there will quite literally always be someone to talk to and make friends with. Australia is definitely the place to travel solo!

If you can go to a place where you can lay by the beach, drink cocktails at an island bar and get massages in magical spas, why would you want to go with someone other than yourself? Such a relaxing city is one best enjoyed in your own company, you can go wherever you want whenever you want and do whatever you want!

Where can you go that you can head into a bar, ask for a pint of Guinness and make life long friends? Ireland of course! It’s not only famous for it’s great bars – it’s also got beautiful countryside and great tours exploring the literary greats. This country is quaint, exotic and fun!

Hopefully this has changed your mind about travelling alone – it really can be rewarding and great fun. If you’re alone you’ll be forced to talk to people and make friends, which is something that most people want to do when they travel but never get the chance! Remember when travelling alone you won’t have someone to help you carry your bags, so make sure you have a good, small sized suitcase. If you don’t have one, head to this URL to find yourself a new one. Happy holidaying! 


  1. These places are always top choices of people. Another top place to go for a tour is Jamaica. There are a lot of Things to do in Jamaica. There are some nice places like Montego bay, Ocho Rios etc. I have recently visited there alone. It was a memorable tour in my life.