Party Entertainment Inspiration That Everyone Will Love

Do you have a party coming up? No party is complete without some entertainment suitable for people of all ages. Stuck for ideas? Take a look at the following list to get some ideas on the kind of entertainment you could have at your party:


A Fun Photobooth
A fun photobooth comes with props so that everybody at your party can pile in and have some funny pictures taken. This is suitable for both children and adults, and depending on the package you buy, your guests may be able to take their favourite picture home with them.

A Bouncy Castle
Who doesn’t love a good bouncy castle? It’s great exercise, and gets the kids ready for bed by tiring them out. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a party with a bouncy castle where the adults haven’t wanted to get in on the fun either!

A Tribute Band
Tribute bands can put on an amazing show, depending on the kind of music you like. Take into account what everybody at your party should enjoy, then read reviews and watch Youtube videos online to find an amazing tribute band.

A Good DJ
Perhaps you could hire a DJ to play some modern tunes at your party? Hire a DJ that seems to know their stuff about the genres you like. You can find all kinds; dance DJs, hip hop DJs, eclectic DJs, and even cheesy pop DJs.

A Clown
Some people are afraid of clowns, but the people that aren’t often think that they are a right laugh. I’m not too sure what they do, other than wear makeup and pull they mime? Dance? Do magic tricks? I don’t know for sure, but I know they might make your party more interesting.

A Balloon Artist
Balloon animals, balloon hats, and balloon shapes - kids love them, as do the adults that like to stay young at heart. Hire a balloon artist, and they might even be able to do suggestions for you. Fancy having a balloon trophy? A balloon polar bear? A balloon flower? You could have it all at your party!

A Face Painter
Face painters may be able to turn you or your kids into a beautiful butterfly, a scary witch, or your favourite cartoon character. I bet everybody will be queuing up to get their face painted!

A Magician
Depending on your budget, you could hire a standard magician who pulls rabbits out of hats, or somebody as amazing as Dynamo. If you really want to impress your guests, I suggest you go the Dynamo route!

A Dance Troupe
A dance troupe could choreograph a special routine and perform it in front of your guests. Alternatively, you could always do something like Ashley Banjo’s secret street crew and choreograph your own surprise dance routine!

Everyone will enjoy the above entertainment inspiration, no matter their sex or age. Decide on the kind of theme you want your party to have and go from there!

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