Plan A Spooky Kids' Halloween Bash: 5 Steps


When you have a family Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays of the year. The spooky event is your chance to have some much needed fun with your family and enjoy getting into the spirit of all hallows eve.

A fantastic way to enjoy this holiday is to plan a party for your children. You can invite their friends over and let them all enjoy the party. Depending on the age of your children, you should consider how scary you make the theme. Small children may want to dress up as Mickey Mouse, whilst older children will want to dress as vampires and zombies. Make sure you make the party age-appropriate for your children and their friends. After all, you don't want to give them nightmares.

Remember the party is not just for your children. The event can be a chance for you and other parents to get together and get to know each other. If you are inviting your children's school friends, also invite their parents so that you can begin to build a community. The party is a great chance for you to socialise with other adults and enjoy watching your children have some fun. Here is how you can plan your own spooky kids' Halloween bash.

Step 1: Entertainment
The entertainment is the best part of a Halloween party. Find something spooky, such as a magician with a gory twist or maybe even put on your own entertainment. The show is the highlight of your event and should be entertaining for both adults and children. Make sure that you pick something everyone can enjoy.

One option is to make your home into a spooky haunted house. You can create a haunted house by having members of your family pretend to be ghosts and witches. Don't tell anyone about this and then see how the parents and their little ones react when they come face to face with a ghost. Pulling off the haunted house entertainment is hard and will take some prior planning on your part. If you do this well, though everyone will remember your party for all the right reasons.

Again, make sure the entertainment is age-appropriate, as you don't want to scare small children. Think about the age range of the children attending and ensure you choose entertainment to suit them.

Step 2: Decorations
You should spend a good amount of time decorating your house for the party. The decorations set the tone for the entire event, so you need to ensure that they look perfect. Most parents opt for some scary bunting and a few posters. You can go one step further by creating a den within your home full of spooky items and scary sounds. Ensure that the party goes off with a bang by going over the top with your decorations.

You can make your own hanging ghost by using a balloon, some string and an old sheet. Blow up the balloon and cut a small round hole in the middle of the sheet. Tie some string to the balloon and thread this through the hole. Hand the string somewhere in your home, with a sheet draped over the balloon. You can draw eyes on the sheet to give an extra scary look. There are many ideas for DIY decorations, and you should consider them all before you start.

Step 3: Costumes
It's not all about the children. Yes, they need costumes, but so do you. Many parents fail to realise that to have a fantastic Halloween party everyone needs to dress up, including them. Find your children a costume which suits their personality. Your little girl might want to be a little princess, whilst your boys might want to be monsters. Opting for the right Halloween fancy dress is vital as it says a lot about the type of party you will have.

When choosing your own Halloween costume, why not opt for something classic? Good costumes such as a witch outfit or maybe even a vampire sell out fast. There are many options for adult costumes, so you shouldn't have to limit yourself. Ensure you also tell the other parents to dress up, as you don't want to be the only ones to make the effort.

Step 4: Snacks
Don't neglect the snacks. The food at your Halloween party is just as important as anything else. You should consider making snacks which look spooky, such as an eyeball-filled jelly or a witch's cake. You can achieve so much with a little help from food colouring. To make something Halloween themed just add a few drops of green or red food colouring; this will look spooky and a bit nasty, so enjoy.

If you are a bit more creative, then you can make your own spooky food. Finger sandwiches, which contain actual fingers (well, mini frankfurters), are always a good idea. Eating fingers will scare your little ones until you tell them what the fingers are. Get creative and think about ways to make the snacks just that bit spooky.

Step 5: Safety
As there will be many children in your home for the party, safety is key. You should think about any possible hazards around your home and deal with them well before the party. Lock away any sharp or dangerous objects in a room upstairs. Hiding the dangers will stop children hurting themselves by accident.

You should elect one of the parents to be the safety officer of the party. They can watch the children and ensure that no harm comes to any of them. Of course, all the parents should watch the children at all times. By electing one parent to take most of the pressure, you ensure that at least one person is always watching out for danger. You might want to rotate this duty among the parents so as not to stress out one person too much.

By following these guidelines, you should be able to have a wonderful and spooky party that your family and friends will love.

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