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Motherhood begins as soon as you see those two blue lines that say everything – you are pregnant – and in that moment, you feel the deepest, most commanding love you’ve ever known. This love drives you to do whatever is best for your child – to do whatever it takes.

For first-time moms, this can be daunting. Every day poses a new challenge to overcome, inevitably bringing new questions. Even for experienced moms, new children bring new problems. Questions runs through your mind every second:

Why is he kicking more than usual today?
How can I help my infant sleep through the night?
Why is my child licking everything in sight?

You’ve checked out all those mom forums but they don’t have what you really want: instant access to the information and recommendations you want, in a positive and supportive community.

Available now in the iPhone App Store, SmartMom is a mobile app that allows new and experienced moms to exchange information, opinions and pictures of their little ones.

Why do we love SmartMom? So many reasons.

For one, it’s fast. Because of their push notification setting options, SmartMom ensures every question is answered by notifying users of new questions. You can customize how often you want to be notified. On average, questions are answered in less than ten minutes, with about ten helpful responses in 24 hours. The fact that it is mobile means you are notified instantly when someone responds to you. No more sitting by the computer or compulsively checking your e-mail, just instant access to the information you need.

Another reason to join SmartMom: the community of moms involved. Never have I ever experienced such a positive and supportive environment. SmartMoms will agree that the small community of moms on this app is one that fosters positivity. SmartMom community managers ensure that the community stays this way through close monitoring of posts and comments.

Lastly, contests. When users “like” your answers, you receive points. SmartMom rewards its most active users with awesome prizes each month. Prizes of the past include a B.O.B. stroller and a $500 gift card to Old Navy.

Download the app today and tell all of your mommy friends about SmartMom! There’s a whole community of SmartMoms with the answers you need!

*This post is sponsored by SmartMom.

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