The Easy Step-By-Step Guide to Buying Baby's First Shoes

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Buying your precious baby's first pair of shoes is a momentous occasion. You may be getting them a cute pair of slip-ons to keep their feet warm, or buying their first pair of shoes to start cruising around. Either way, you want a pair that not only looks good, but keeps your baby's feet happy and healthy too.

When Should My Baby Wear Shoes?
There is no hard and fast rule on when baby should start wearing shoes - depending on how you define "shoes"! There are hundreds of websites where you can buy kids shoes online and plenty of shops on the high street too. Lots of these shoes are only designed to keep baby's feet and toes warm though, and they can be worn at any age. It's not much different to wearing socks, but they look a lot cuter. When your baby is walking confidently, it's time to think about a properly fitted pair of shoes.

What Sort of Shoes Should I Buy?
When your baby starts to stand and cruise around, you'll be thinking about shoes for real. Although it's tempting to get some shiny new shoes as soon as they're up on their feet, bare feet are better while they learn. Having bare feet allows them to grip with their toes and get a more tactile experience. If you want to protect their feet, from the cold or getting hurt, a shoe designed for pre-walking is best. These usually have bendy soles and breathable lining, so baby's feet can still move freely.

After a few weeks, when baby is confidently walking (and maybe running!), you will want to move on from pre-walking shoes. You can have baby's feet measured in a shop, or you could try to do it yourself at home. Although there are ways to measure at home, you will get a more accurate fit in a shop.

How Will I Know If the Shoes Fit?
If you're only putting soft shoes on your baby before they begin to walk, checking the fit of your shoes should be easy. However, once they begin to walk it may be harder. Your baby might not be able to tell you if the shoes are hurting or feel uncomfortable, so how do you know? Let them walk around in them for a bit and check for any marks or places where the shoes have rubbed. Also watch out for baby trying to pull them off - although they might just find them new and strange!

Where Can I Buy Baby Shoes?
You can buy shoes for baby either in person in a children's shoe shop, or on one of many websites selling baby shoes. Buying online is often cheaper than going to a shop. However, you might want to measure baby's feet before buying. Don't always rely on the age or size suggestions on the website. With so many cute and practical pairs of shoes out there, you're sure to find some that are right for your baby.

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