What You Can Do Now To Prevent Future Back Problems

A back injury can cost an individual their livelihood, their quality of life and overall wellbeing. Before it becomes too much of an issues, there are a number of simple things that anyone can incorporate into everyday life to prevent future back problems.

The obvious risk reducers revolve around staying healthy and exercising, but what are some other things you can do to save your back? 

Watch your weight 
Obesity has been linked to many health problems, with back issues being near the top of that list. Your body is simply not designed to carry around extra weight for years on end. It’s not just your back that suffers from the extra weight either; your joints will suffer from immense pressure causing them to deteriorate quicker. Watching your weight, which includes eating a healthy balanced diet and engaging in appropriate exercise will help prevent back issues.

Sleeping on the right mattress
It’s not just about getting the recommended eight hours a night in order to prevent health problems, it’s about getting the right sleep. The wrong mattress for your body type can be devastating to your sleeping patterns, your health, and especially your spine. Investing in a mattress similar to those from Chiropedic Mattresses will help to align your spine during your sleep, giving you a great sleep and preventing future back problems.

Keep your core strong 
Your core muscles have a huge impact on the health of your spine. Exercises such as yoga and pilates are best suited to help strengthen your stomach region muscles. A strong core helps correct posture, relieves back pain, protects your back, and increases general wellbeing.

Maintain correct posture 
Correct posture isn’t just about elocution and manners; you can maintain a correct posture in many different situations. If you sit down at a desk for work, ensure your workstation is arranged to maximise correct posture. In manual jobs, use labour-saving devices and correct lifting processes when handling heavy objects. You can maintain correct posture in everyday situations by not sitting in the same position for too long, taking regular breaks and stretches, and making sure everyday objects are in spine-saving positions.

Avoid high-impact situations 
It can take just one high-impact situation to cause your back a world of troubles. Trips and falls account for a sizeable percentage of home and workplace issues. Ensure your environment has systems in place to reduce high-impact situations. You can do this by ensuring floors are free from slippery surfaces and obstructions. Elevated working areas should have appropriate methods to reach the ground.

Looking after your back and your health does not need to be rocket science. Managing your own health, engaging in exercise, sleeping properly and building your core are all things you have direct control over. Ensuring your environment is safe can also prevent future back issues.

Have you found this article helpful? What are some things you do to keep your back safe and prevent future issues? Jot your ideas in the comments below. 

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