10 Reasons Why We Love Singapore

March of 2015 marked my 10th year anniversary here in Singapore. I left the Philippines to work here as a Dental Coordinator and had no other expectations except to earn a decent living as I was a sole provider to my baby girl at that time. Little did I know that there's a whole world of endless possibilities and opportunities waiting for me in this tiny country called Little Red Dot. After 3 years of working under an employment pass, my whole family was granted permanent residence and the rest was history...

A history that we love traversing back all the time and it never fails to make our hearts swell in gratefulness and awe to the one above. I was reunited with my baby girl permanently, I got married, I found the best employers, I gave birth to my most awaited baby boy, we acquired a flat we can finally call our own, we had memorable beach vacations and staycations, and we invested in something. Everything is just falling into place one after another and we can't thank God enough for our adopted home.
Here are 10 reasons why we love Singapore so much: (in random order)

1. Kid friendly
In Singapore, you will never run out of fun places to bring your kids, be it free or not, in the neighbourhood or somewhere farther. Our all time favourites are Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park, Adventure Cove, Sentosa Island and East Coast Park.

2. Low crime rate
We have never felt so safe in another place the way we feel very safe here in Singapore.

3. Close to zero corruption
I'd hate to compare my home country but... you get the drift.

4. Absence of natural calamities
No typhoons and earthquakes. Flash floods and strong winds not counted but it happens rarely.

5. No pollution
Except for the seasonal haze caused by the neighbouring countries, we are assured of breathing in clean air every single day everywhere we go.

6. Efficient public transportation
Everything is accessible by trains and buses that owning a car is sometimes considered a luxury.

7. Racial harmony
Singapore is home to Singaporeans, local Malays, local Indians, Chinese, Filipinos, Americans, Australians and more but racism barely exists.

8. Good government housing
We own a 5-room flat in an HDB apartment and we loved it. It's like living in a condominium sans the swimming pool and other amenities. What we love most is the presence of neighbourhood parks and playgrounds surrounded by lush greenery.

9. Potable tap water
Yes, in Singapore you don't have to worry about buying distilled or mineral water because tap water is safe for drinking.

10. World class educational and medical facilities
Our kids are assured of good education and we sure don't wish to use the advanced medical facilities (who wants to get sick?) but its availability is something we can't overlook.


*Photo credit: therealsingapore.com


  1. Oh I miss potable tap water!: ) great read, gee one day I will visit you there.... love yah!

  2. my co-teacher recently spent vacation there and he is so impress of Singapore, especially the local transportation, something we do not have here, which sadly, ours here, though we do have public transportation system but still our transportation heavily relies on driving :(

  3. For a very young country Singapore was able to stand out on its own. It is so amazing how that tiny country was able to roar like a big lion amidst economic depression eating up most Southeast Asian Countries around her. My brief visit to Singapore in 2006 helped me teach Asian History to my HS students with non debate-able mastery of the subject matter. wink* I ditched the history book and taught from my personal experience of the country. For the entire period, I got the students' undivided attention on the lesson. LOL