5 Years of Service

August the 3rd 2014 marked my 5th year working in a specialist clinic. I've always had a deep respect to employees who are loyal to their companies but I never expected I could last this long serving the same boss. There are many factors that made me stay. I think I have mentioned in one of my posts before that superman and my ladyboss are one of the kindest souls I have ever known in my almost 10 years of stay here in Singapore.

They treat me as a family and their practice in one of the most flexible and family friendly amongst the plethora of private medical practices here in Sg. I will forever be grateful for being employed by them. I am not sure how long more I could work for them but I think I can't bear leaving them completely. If and when I decide to leave someday, I will probably still come like one or two days a week to help manage the clinic.

Here's my short prayer for my bosses:

Dear God,

I can't thank you enough for the best employers you have given me. May you continue to bless them abundantly.

Your Grateful Child


  1. They too are blessed to have an employee like you. Proud Twinzy here: )
    P.S. will communicate with you more often now through SM for reasons I guess you know :) yabyew: )

  2. happy 5th Che, you're blessed to have such wonderful working relationship with your boss, and am sure they are blessed to have you too.