Have Your Fashion and Accessories Made To Order Online Today

Have you ever waited until the night before a formal event to find an outfit? It's almost impossible, right? Shopping for clothes in a traditional store sure lets you touch and feel items, but what you have in mind in terms of style and colour might not be available.

Ordering fashion to be custom made has typically been an option for couture customers. It seems expensive and time-consuming and the thought of hopping on a plane to Asia, for example is just too extravagant. However, with the technological advances of our time, there is another alternative that is accessible to everyone. Thanks to e-commerce and sizing algorithms, companies can now offer a massive variety of, well, pretty much everything from wholesale sunglasses to massive arrays of designs and fits and prices very similar to retail prices or even cheaper. So now you can buy made to order shoes, clothing and accessories online.

Leading Companies in the Online Custom-Made Clothing Space

Levi Strauss & Co. pioneered personalised or made to order clothing in 1995 with their “personalised pair” endeavour. Customers simply underwent a once-off computerised fitting and then they were ready to choose from a selection of fabrics, styles, colours and finishes for a pair of individually manufactured jeans.
Since then the made to order trend has cascaded at an amazing rate. It’s also something that appeals to online shoppers of all ages. Some people are looking for great bargains from companies that can keep prices low by not having to operate a bricks and mortar store. Others are willing to pay top price for bespoke tailoring and couture fashion.

Buyers Are Hungry

Buyers are thriving on made to order apparel. Retail companies are continuing to create innovative ways to reach beyond the traditional retail experience too. There are retailers online who have latched on to customised luxury trended with the help of customising fit. You simply enter your measurements online and a garment is produced to fit according to your unique specifications. Many online retailers also allow you to customise the style of your order with a menu full of options that can be combined in a variety of ways. The end result? A unique product to be envied.
Take big brand Nike, for example. They’ve offered customisation since 1999. Depending on the options you choose, it can cost up to $100 extra to configure a shoe completely. In a similar way, well-known brand Converse offers a customisation plan where you can choose as many as a dozen attribute, depending on the shoe, including colours, features and graphics for the shoes for just $10 more than the same shoe minus customisation. You can even provide your own graphic to create a truly one of a kind pair of trendy shoes.

Customised Shopping for Fashion Fanatics

Fashionistas can personalise a whole range of accessories from wholesale sunglasses to jewellery. Even watches can be customised, or made-to-order, online, allowing you the amazing opportunity to choose a face design, for example (ever wanted to put your child or pet’s face on the face of your watch? Now you can!). You can also choose the hands, strap and case for the watch.
These days, pretty much anything that you can digitise, you can customise.

Mass Customisation Technology

Mass customisation technology has swiftly become a commodity and that means that online retail can only go from strength to strength. It’s really a case of the retailers purchasing the hardware and software that allows you, the customer, to tailor your purchase – be it shoes; suits; bespoke pieces of jewellery or wholesale sunglasses. You simply need your imagination, your credit card and your specifications.

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