Dating Oneself: Hoshino Coffee


 Been hearing good reviews about Hoshino Coffee so earlier this month when I finally got a chance to have a quick me-time after 800 years (LOL), I went to try it at lunchtime while waiting for my mom and the kids to arrive for our impromptu wandering.

 I ordered ice matcha latte with black pearl and boy, it was soooo good but soooo pricey as well. Paying $9.30 for a yummy drink? Hmmmmn, I will probably do it once a year. LOL.

I had eggs benedict which took them way too long to prepare and not that fantastic as the other eggs ben I have tried before. I think I waited for about half an hour despite the fact that there are a lot of empty tables.

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  1. Pssttt wish we lived near each other :) hmmmm tag me along the next time you go there :)