How Applying Feng Shui To Your Store Can Improve Sales

Like most experiences in life, shopping is full of emotion. We buy things to look good, feel good or to improve our lives or the lives of those that we care about. With this in mind, it is important to note that the layout and style of a store can influence a shopper’s mood (for better or worse). Feng Shui is a very effective way of improving the experience of your shoppers and in turn, increasing your sales.

Make Shopping a Journey
Shopping is undoubtedly an adventure. The best shopping experiences are where customers can explore a store at their leisure making discoveries along the way. Avoid creating a straight line from the entranceway to the register and instead create pathways through your merchandise. Try to create inlets or multiple independent spaces that explore different heights, shapes, themes and colours. For assistance and advice regarding how to best organise the space in your store, click here.

Position your Register in a Powerful Spot
Feng Shui dictates that there are certain places in a room that command power. Commanding positions are located in a spot that is facing door, but not in direct line with it. In a store, it is said to be diagonally from an entranceway. By placing your cash register in a commanding position, it will likely draw more customers and encourage their browsing journey to end in a purchase.

Create Positive Energy
If you want your customers to be positive, it is crucial that your store promotes positive energy. The simplest way to create positive energy is to establish a high air quality, by removing any unpleasant odours, having adequate ducting and airflow and providing exciting yet subtle scents. Playing music that is both appropriate and upbeat can also increase positivity.

Create a Natural Feel
It is important that your store has both natural and artificial light; however, try to provide artificial light via lamps, chandeliers, or wall fixtures, rather than standard florescent overhead lighting. Potted plants, feature walls and water features can also enhance the natural feel of the store, as well as acting as focal points.

Emphasise your Store Sign
Customers need to know what store they are in when they are in it. Ensure your store’s sign is up high and is in a well-lit area. You can further emphasis your store sign by having a memorable font style, graphic or logo. By doing this you are promoting your own brand and your customers are more likely to remember you store name.

Keep it Fresh
It is important to regularly rearrange or alter your displays, in order to keep your store inviting and innovative. This will increase you store’s initial appeal and also provide regular shoppers with a new experience every time they visit.

Whatever your style and whatever your product, the basic rules of Feng Shui can be applied to any retail store. By organising and decorating your store in a positive and innovative way you will improve your customer’s experience and increase your sales.

By Grace Patterson

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