How Forgetful Can I Get?

Scenario #1

I was busy preparing for church (nanny's off day). Bathed the boy and put on his shirt, pants and shoes. Halfway dressing him up, I remembered I had to prepare his milk bottles too so off I went to the kitchen. Afterwhich, I proceeded to take a bath and get myself dressed too. Then we're off to the bus stop.

Upon reaching the bus stop, some of the commuters were looking at me and my son with a smile on their faces. I smiled back thinking, my son is so handsome people couldn't help but admire him. LOL. The bus finally came so off we board. After we were comfortably seated, only then I realized my son's diaper was exposed because I forgot to zip and button up his pants. LOL.

Scenario #2

I was busy summarizing the past month's accounts in the clinic when I got really irritated by my fringe so I checked for hair clips in my bag but didn't find any. I couldn't stand the fringe because it partially blocks my right eye whilst completing my exel sheet. Since there were no patients at the moment, I took a pink paper clip that looks like one of these:
and clipped my fringe with it. I will remove it before the patient arrive, I convinced myself.

The patient arrived, I registered, brought her inside the treatment room and assisted the doctor during the entire treatment WITH A FUNNY LOOKING HAIR CLIP ON MY HEAD. LOL.


  1. haha, #2 is very funny indeed! :) at least, it's pink :)

  2. I can relate to this. Yah, I'm already in the threshold. It happens.