How To Help Make the World a Better Place When You Move

Moving from one place to another is an incredibly rewarding experience. You get to correct everything you didn’t like or grew tired of in your old home, and trade up for something more suitable for your current needs. You can also renovate your new home with the help of Art Construction to get it exactly how you want it before you move in.

In other cases it’s about saving money because times are getting tougher.

With the economy what it is, there are a vast number of people who are forced to either downsize their living arrangements, or rest on the brink of bankruptcy due to pay cuts or unemployment. This seems to be the more likely trend for new homeowners who are packing it up and moving; more often than not, it’s more about necessity than choice.

Unfortunately, this trend of household downsizing is also leading to a whole array of other problems, too. Finding a home in a lower price bracket these days is becoming increasingly competitive, and can be a difficult task because it is often a long drawn out process. In the interim, bill payments can be missed, utilities turned off, children go without proper food, tools, and attire for school, and credit histories get destroyed.

For many who fall into the latter scenarios, it takes its toll on a family. It also means cutting back on food budgets, too. And this is happening everywhere –from Australia to Canada, the UK and back again. Where there are colder seasons, it’s an even more dire position to be in.

Ethical Moving

There are a number of ways you can help that go beyond charitable donations and dropping items into the food bank bin on the way out of the grocery store: You can vote with your money when it comes to moving.
One of the most common ways moving companies make their income is by having packing materialsand packing supplies for sale. Although there isn’t much room to mark up the cost on packing materials and packing supplies, every customer they service will require them.

If you’ve got about 5 – 10 rooms to pack and move, experience tells us that one might need to buy somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 – 80 cardboard moving boxes, several rolls of packing tape, and box cutters, too! The prices of the packing materials, rental truck or shipping container can add up to make a good profit for the moving company, right?

Why not choose to spend that hard earned cash with a moving company that understands the demands put on struggling families who are bordering on (or well below) the poverty line? There are a number of moving companies that will help you relocate across town, or over seas, that support their local Habitat for Humanity and its various programs.

Habitat for Humanity Lives Up To Their Name

Habitat for Humanity provides those less fortunate people with affordable housing the world over, and it’s safe to say there is likely one in your neighborhood. Many ethical-minded moving companies who provide full service and packing materials tend to support them in their efforts by taking some of their proceeds and donating it to Habitat for Humanity.

Habitat for Humanity also has a number of other great things they do to help those in need. They host the Global Village Volunteer Program, Women Build Program, Aboriginal Housing Program, International Home Building Program, and they’ve also helped Haiti rebuild in the years since their last 7.0 magnitude earthquake four years ago.

In addition to these, they run other programs and are home to the ReStore; a place to donate and purchase gently used second hand housing items; everything you need for home improvement. Habitat for Humanity is completely non-profit, too.

So next time you prepare to call for that moving truck, be sure to select a vendor that takes care of the less fortunate among us. Take note of household items furniture and appliances you don’t need as well, and donate them to Habitat’s ReStore, too.

You’ll feel even better about that new home knowing that you helped make a struggling family’s life better.

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