Keeping Corporate Clothing Presentable

No matter what industry your company is in, your corporate clothing helps you and your team express an aura of professionalism. That’s why there are certain factors that are important when it comes to choosing the right clothing. From materials and colours to comfort, safety and durability, you need to ensure that your corporate clothing will stand the test of time and be neat, clean and presentable always.

Advantages of Corporate Clothing

A corporate uniform has a number of advantages when it comes to both staff and department members. A businesslike yet comfortable appearance allows employees to represent their company in a confident and professional way whine ensuring their comfort. Corporate clothing projects a presentable, neat appearance that positively enhances how your staff members present themselves to clients or suppliers. And keeping the clothing clean and neat demonstrates the staff’s pride and belonging to the company along with their professional attitude towards work.
Company owners should consult with staff as to the style, design, and colour of the appropriate attire or uniform. Once decided, each staff should have a fair number of such uniforms to ensure they have enough to last for the work-week; no one wants to wash and dry uniforms each evening! It’s important that your corporate clothing is always freshly washed and ironed and presentable; no shirts overhanging trousers or skirts and no short skirts or provocative clothing.
Employers and managers should also ensure that employees are appropriately dressed for the workplace. For instance, they should ensure that their workers wear safety eyewear (in a manufacturing plant, for instance) or non-slip shoes (in workplaces where the floor is impeccably shiny and clean). Uniforms should be worn properly too and proper care followed as per the instructions on the clothing.

The Employee’s Responsibility and Compliance

Employees should participate in uniform and dress-code consultations. In the case of uniforms, damage should be reported to managers. It’s of utmost importance that employees are dressed correctly and appropriately for work right from the minute the walk into work. That means being dressed in person attire appropriate to the employee’s position or ensuring a uniform is neat, clean, and worn according to company policy.
If an employee arrives at work inappropriately dressed or unkempt without reasonable justification, such as not wearing safety shoes, not wearing a tie when required to, or failing to wear a uniform, they should be asked to leave the work place on their own time and return appropriately dressed. After all, their image portrays the company’s image, brand image and overall professionalism.

Useful Tips when Ordering Corporate Clothing

If you’re in charge of ordering corporate clothing for your staff, here are 7 points you should keep in mind:
  • Chat to staff about the business attire requirements you plan to implement. If they’re involved in the decision making, they’ll be happier to look after their clothing.
  • Go for high quality clothing that is durable and that will last a long time. It should also offer decent value for money.
  • Choose clothes that are extremely practical. Corporate pants, t-shirts, shirts and blouses need to be comfy enough to wear all day. Workers should feel able to comfortable do their jobs in their corporate clothing.
  • Office wear comes in a wide range of designs and styles. Choose the ones that complement the nature of your brand and the company’s values too.
  • Make sure employees look presentable and stylish in their corporate clothing.
  • You might like to order branded clothing with an embroidery or print of the company name of shirts, for example. This will help customers recognise and associate with your brand and it’s also great free advertising.
  • Always keep staff safety in mind. Make sure their clothing is right for the nature of their jobs and keep workplace health and safety in mind.
Corporate clothing should ideals be machine washable and easy to tumble dry or iron so that employees can keep up with a neat and tidy presentation.

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