Outdoor Couches: Choosing Your Own

It's becoming a major trend to purchase outdoor couches so that you can relax comfortably while sipping cocktails on the back patio. Outdoor couches are often constructed from more durable materials than regular sofas so that they can survive through a variety of weather. You'll need to weight different styles, comfort, and prices before making your final decision.

All About Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture like a sofa and a couch typically are constructed out of weather-resistant materials such as durable fabrics like dyed acrylics and strong frames built out aluminum. These couches offer a place to relax on the back patio or an outdoor lounge, making the area almost like another living room. There are advantages to buying different types of outdoor furniture.

Aluminum vs. Wicker Furniture

Cast aluminum furniture allows you to choose not only durable furniture but ones with intricate designs. Aluminum provides a good frame and is rust-free through all kinds of weather conditions. It also is low maintenance and cleans easily.
Wicker furniture, on the other hand, tends to be more affordable, and the new synthetic wicker is woven around the frame, as well as being weather resistant. It can withstand both wind and rain. It can also withstand chlorine when it’s placed on the poolside, however, it will last longer if it's not positioned in direct sunlight. Some even combine the two with a strong aluminum frame and synthetic wicker base perfectly weaved with texture and dimension.
Depending on your budget and style, wood-framed outdoor sofas may also be an option, especially if you like the natural look.  Cedar and pine are traditionally used and work well if you care for them. But if you want the best, consider choosing Tropical Teak, which is even more durable and will last for up to 50 years as long as you apply teak oil once a year.

Other Factors to Consider

As you think about purchasing an outdoor sofa or couch, you also need to consider what kind of fabric you want for the cushions. You'll find a wider selection of colors and patterns in traditional and durable materials like acrylic and cotton whereas vinyl has a limited option of both.  Keep in mind that you'll notice darker colors like black or brown fading in the sunlight quicker than neutral shades like beige or grey.
In addition, dyed acrylic fabrics work really well because the color is blended with the acrylic making it less fade resistant. Other good choices include polyester blends and printed acrylics as they feature both fade resistant and weather resistant protection, as well as repel water and prevent mildew and mold.
How big is your patio? This may determine if you need an actual sectional for the entire extended family to visit at parties or if a small sofa and couch will suffice for just you and your partner, especially if it's crowded and busy back there. Think about it if you just want to relax in the evenings or for entertaining regularly.
There are many online stores that carry a variety of furniture. For your couch, sofa and other living room furniture, include casual outdoor ones so you'll being able to transform your outdoor living space in no time. Soon you'll have an outdoor couch with chairs and you'll be able to sip cocktails, watch the sunset, and visit with friends.

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