The Art Of The Perfect Proposal

When you find that special someone who you just know that you want to spend the rest of your life with, you will want to get married. You may have dropped many hints and slipped in a few subtle suggestions, but now you're playing the waiting game.

Waiting for your man to propose to you can feel like a never-ending battle. You can't just outright ask him to pop the question, but waiting is taking forever, and you want to get engaged today. Save for enjoying your time with your man, there's not much you can do to speed the process up. Still, a girl can dream. While you're waiting for your man to plan his proposal, why not spend some time thinking about it? Here, for your procrastination pleasure, is the art of the perfect proposal. It will have to do until he realises it's time to take the next step.

The Perfect Place
Where would you like your man to propose? Perhaps you have a special place that the two of you go to on a regular basis. Or maybe a romantic place from your childhood. Wherever it is, it will need to be meaningful. The classic proposal is over a candle-lit dinner, but that's a little overrated now, isn't it?

The moment when your man proposes to you will be the most exciting, enthralling moment of your life. For this moment, you need a perfect setting. When you have decided where it is you'd love the proposal take place, it's time to tell him. Drop into a conversation how much you love the place and how romantic you think it is.

The Ideal Ring
Despite popular belief, you should have just as much say in your engagement ring as your man does. If you're looking for Houston jewelers, go to, take a look through their wide range of rings and tell your man which one you like. It doesn't have to be in the context of getting engaged; you can just tell your partner that you are thinking of buying a new ring. Tell him that you are not sure which one to get and that you'd like his opinion. That way you can let him know what style of ring you'd like and so when he does decide to propose he will choose a ring that you'll like. If you're quite direct, you can tell him exactly which one to get, but this may not end well, so I wouldn't recommend it.

Something Special
There was a time when a man could just take you to dinner and pullout a ring. Not anymore. Now we live in a world of flashmobs and extravagant proposals. In the modern world, men have a lot more to live up to when they ask that little question. Here are just a few of my personal favourite proposals:

1. The man who Punked his girlfriend. This one is pretty scary to begin with, but it ends well - so don't worry. If you watch this video without crying as much as she does, then you must have a cold heart.

2. The train flashmob proposal. The moment when the woman in the video realises what's going on is just wonderful. This train proposal is how every man should pop the question.  

3. And finally... The festival proposal. This man asked a bunch of strangers to hand his girlfriend a flower when they see her in the crowd. She doesn't know why this is happening. But hey, it's a festival, right? Wrong - it's an amazing surprise proposal.

With these proposals, your man is going to need to do something quite special when your moment comes. Why not watch these videos with him, so he has some inspiration? It can't hurt to drop a few hints, right?

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