The Ultimate Guide To Travelling China


If you are planning on getting away this year then why not consider China? The country is home to a vivid and rich culture and you will experience a lifestyle unlike any other. Over the past ten years, China has become a hot spot of a destination for travellers. In 2013, the number of people visiting China was a record-breaking 26 million. Because of the large numbers of tourists within China, the country has adapted and is now something of a hub for new attractions. If you have never visited China before then now is the ideal time to take a trip. The country has a great deal to offer tourists and is a shocking contrast to westernised culture. Here is the ultimate guide to travelling in China.

Travelling To China

Travelling to China can be tricky as many travel companies charge high airfares to get to the unique country. Getting to China means taking a long haul flight to the country. On flights that are more than seven or eight hours it is vital that you take regular exercise breaks. Get up from your seat and take a walk down the plane aisle. Nobody will think you are strange, as walking is a great way to keep the circulation going when you're on a plane. Make sure that you travel with a quality airline, as for long haul flights you need all the comfort you can get.

What Time Of Year To Travel

March through to May is the spring season in China. It is also when you will find the best weather in the region. If you are visiting China for the first time, you should travel during the spring. At other times during the year the weather can be a little unpredictable. People know China for its wild weather, and you don't want to get caught up in a storm during your stay. The drawback of travelling in the spring is that both flights and hotels will be more expensive, than during the rest of the year. Book in advance to cut your travel costs.

Finding A Hotel In China

You will struggle to find a luxury hotel in China if you don't have a little help. It can be quite expensive to stay in China, so you must do some research before you embark on your travels. Visit Adventure World for China tours, where you can find some great deals on travel and hotels. Many of the tours available allow you to get a package deal, and this is the best way to save money when you are travelling. If you are not too sure where to start when it comes to booking your holiday, speak to a holiday company about your possible options.

Must See Places In China

What are the must see places in China? The obvious answer is the Great Wall of China. Whilst that attraction is worth visiting, you might want to go a little further afield on your next journey. The Yu Garden in Shanghai is a stunning attraction, which you can't afford to miss when you are travelling. The garden stretches far across the region and is home to some of the most-beautiful places in China. The word "yu" translates as "beautiful" in Chinese and the Chinese could not be more right about this stunning open space.

Chinese Cuisine

Authentic Chinese cuisine is nothing like the Westernized Chinese food you will have tried in the past. Real Chinese food is fresh and uses unique spices to make the dishes taste fragrant. Whilst in China, take the time to visit an authentic restaurant. Try a dish called guilinggao, which is a jelly. It may sound bizarre, but it is rather delicious.

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