3 Things to Consider When Buying a Footwear

I must admit that whenever I go shoe shopping, the first thing that I consider is the price. I know right? Big mistake! The cheapest pairs of shoes I used to purchase never last longer than a month. It's either I overuse them or the quality really sucks. To be honest, there's more truth on the latter. I do have a pair of expensive shoes that I wear almost every single day but it is still in wearable and good condition after more than a year.

Here's a guide I made for myself when buying a pair of shoes. I hope it will be useful for you too.

1. Fit and Comfort
My top priority in choosing a footwear nowadays is the fit and level of comfort. I have such a huge feet, I always try to shy away from hard and narrow pointed shoes with very little room for my feet to breathe. Wearing one feels like I am taking a revenge on my own feet, making it suffer immeasurably with the intention of killing it slowly. LOL. I love pairs of shoes with perfect fit and comes with soft and durable material that guarantees my feet tender loving care without much effort.

2. Design and Colour
I was never into trends. I always go for timeless footwear designs that I can wear any time of the year, no matter what the season is. My ultimate favourites were foldable ballet flats for travelling, birks or sneakers for wandering around the city, jellies for beach-ing, funky wedges for night dates, and a simple heeled shoes for work. As for colour, there are some shoe colours that are quite difficult to match with a wardrobe. If you are looking for a pair that can go with almost anything you wear, go for nude, baby pink, peach, black or white.

3. Price and Quality
Most of the time, quality goods comes with a price. You are considered lucky if you find a pair of cheap shoes with good quality. It is more practical to invest on a good pair of shoes that will last you for many years than hoard cheap ones that you end up tossing in a rubbish bin after wearing for a few times.

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  1. Hehehehe gotta pamper those feet. Beautifully written...one of my fave shoes is missing! Can you help me find it? LOL