Visiting Chicago: The Only Guide You'll Need


If you're planning a trip this year then, you ought to consider Chicago. As third largest (by population) city in the USA, Chicago has a great deal to offer tourists. From parks and galleries in the south, to boutique shopping and bars in the north, this city has something for everyone. The city is rife with entertainment from stage shows to stand-up comedy. If you're more of a day person than a night owl, there are also plenty of things to see in the daytime from Hyde Park to the glorious city streets. Chicago is a city I have travelled to many a time, and I have always found out something new and exciting about it. You will not have enough time to cover all that Chicago has to offer in just one trip, so it is worth planning ahead.

Organizing a trip to Chicago is easy. You can reach the city via many simple means of transport. If you are choosing to fly in, then you will want to book a flight in advance. The O'Hare Airport in Chicago tends to get busy during the summer months, as this is when many tourists visit the city. If you book far enough in advance, you may be able to get a reasonable deal on your flights. Here is how to plan the ultimate trip to Chicago.

Choosing A Neghborhood

When visiting Chicago you should take the time to know what each area has to offer. There is a vast diversity between the different regions within Chicago, and so you need to know you stuff.  North Chicago is a gorgeous place to stay, and if you can afford to stay uptown you should consider this area. From sports to jazz, this part of the city is a more stylish area. The professionals movers from Chicago claim that many of their clients opt for this area when moving to a new home, as it is serene. The area is ideal for family or young couples. West Chicago is the multicultural area of the city. Here you can get fabulous Mexican food, which is authentic in taste. The area is cultural, and you can take a walk down the city streets to find new exciting boutiques and specialist shops.

Downtown Chicago is not a place you want stay if you happen to have a family. This area is the club and bar hub of the city. Downtown is where you will want to go on a Friday or Saturday night to let your hair down and enjoy some nightlife. It is not a great place for a family as it can be quite loud and dangerous for children. Home to Hyde Park and plenty of galleries, South Chicago is the cultural hub of the city itself. You will find the most tourists and sightseers in this area and, of course, it is a place you'll want to visit yourself. Staying here could be expensive, but if you can afford to do it then you should.

Eating In Chicago

Due to the multicultural nature of the city, Chicago has plenty to offer tourists by way of fine dining experience. Of course, there are many restaurants offering typical American dishes. There are also many steak houses for those of you who love meat. It is worth digressing from the beaten track though and finding the restaurants with authentic value. In West Chicago, you can find loads of South American restaurants, offering the spiciest cuisine in the city. Make sure that you order a traditional dish, so that you get the fine taste of the town. Try ARTango Bistro, which offers a range of authentic Latin cuisine.

If you are more of a drink connoisseur than a foodie, you will love the bar-centric area of the city. Home to loads of fine wine bars, Downtown Chicago is the place to be. One of the best wine bars in the area is the rather exclusive BIN 36, which is a cross between a cafe and a bar. During the day this boutique is the place to get coffee and a good bagel, but when night falls it transforms into a stunning wine bar. I have spent a few nights at BIN, enjoying the finer things in life. By the finer things, I, of course, mean wine.  

The Cultural City

Culture vultures will adore the city of Chicago. There are so many things to do and see within the city itself that you might not have time to do everything in one trip. You might find it interesting to learn that people in Chicago invented improvised comedy. That means that should you go see an improv show within the city; you will have a wonderful time. Book a show in advance, as they tend to sell out fast when tickets go on sale.

The museums within Chicago are also worth a look. Many of the exhibits are free to visit, and so you can save some money by making a day of visiting various pieces in the city. The Art Institute of Chicago is my personal favourite museum in the city. Here you can marvel at plenty of stunning art masterpieces and rarities. You will need at least three hours to look around the museum, so set aside half a day for this activity or you won't have a chance to enjoy it. The Chicago Children's Museum is also worth a look if you are in the area as there are quite often some unique exhibits in this weird museum.

Places To Stay

Staying in Chicago is by no means cheap. When you begin to look at hotel prices in the area, you will find that many of the hotels ask luxury prices for discount rooms. The problem is that during the tourist season, hotel managers hike up the prices and take advantage of tourists in the area. Book through a reputable agent and book as far in advance as you can muster. Doing so will mean you might get a good deal on your hotel room. Remember to compare your hotel prices online before you buy. Often certain websites have bigger discounts than others, and so it is worth checking out the competition.

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