5 Ways To Keep Your Bedroom Cool at Night

When it’s been a hot day, a stuffy bedroom can easily keep you awake at night.

Most houses in the UK don’t have air conditioning so heat can easily build up during the day, making it difficult to sleep at night. But installing an air conditioning system probably wouldn’t be cost-effective considering the number of hot days we actually have each year.

That’s why it’s important to know some simple and effective ways to keep your bedroom cool at night when the hot weather does strike. To get you started, here are our top five tips.

1. Put your blinds down during the day
Closing your blinds during the day forms a barrier against the sun’s heat and stops your room overheating. You should close them as soon as the sun hits your windows in the morning and especially during the hottest part of the day. Keep your bay windows covered with bay window blinds as they’re likely to let in the most heat. 

Keep your blinds closed until it’s cool enough outside to open the windows.

2. Hang your bedding in a cool part of the house
If it’s a hot day and you expect your room is going to be stuffy at night, take your bedding to a cool place in the house such as the basement or the garage.

This will keep it cool so that you won’t be climbing into a hot bed later on. You could even wrap your pillow in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer for an hour to make it nice and cool before bedtime. This will be welcome relief from the heat if your room gets stuffy!

3. Don’t use heat-generating appliances just before bed
It goes without saying but don’t add any unnecessary heat to your room before you go to bed. Avoid using hairdryers and hair straighteners wherever possible to prevent excess heat entering your room.

Dry your hair before bed and you’ll feel your own body temperature rise too, which could also make it difficult to fall asleep.

 4. Put a fan by your window to circulate fresh air
Hot air rises so upstairs bedrooms are likely to get the hottest. But you can dramatically cool these rooms down by putting a fan by the window.

This will help the cool air coming in through the window to circulate around the room while you sleep – lowering the temperature. Just remember that leaving a fan on all night will increase your electricity bill so don’t rely on this as your only method of keeping your bedroom cool.

5. Open the windows at night
Opening the windows during the day will only let more hot air into your house. Open them during the night, however, and you’ll let cooler air through the windows.

Leaving your interior doors open as well will also help the cooler air flow freely around the house. Window shutters from Thomas Sanderson will also help cool air come in from outside while blocking the light from street lamps.

Just remember to get up and close the windows as soon as sunlight starts hitting your house in the morning. This could be around 6am but if you don’t, your house will start to heat up again.

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