Kindsville Party at Port of Lost Wonder

You should know by now that my kids are big fans of Port of Lost Wonder (POLW). It is the very reason why I chose to celebrate mother's day there last May. (You can read my 10 Fun Things to Do at POLW here.) In these crazy busy days, my kids will always be my top priority. I take every chance I get to play, do activities and simply having fun with them or just being there to watch them so happy and having the best days of their lives.

This picture of bliss is the very reason why I accepted SPRG's invitation (in behalf of Singapore Kindness Movement) to the Kindsville Party at POLW. I have envisioned it beforehand that it is going to be this blissful for them. All thanks to Ivan of SPRG for remembering that I have water-loving kids.

Kindsville Party's theme is Friendship. Even when the party have not officially started, my kids already made friends at the Pirate Ship water playgroud. That was K having a conversation with a girl who is much younger than her about some pink and girly stuff while G entertained himself. In fact, I didn't capture it in a photo but G also made friends with two girls his age. They took turns pouring a bucket of water to each other and giggled nonstop.

See how happy my boy is? Seeing him like this makes my heart swell in deep gratitude for being blessed with happy and healthy children.

The Kindsville Party didn't start until the Pirate Ship water playground closed so the kids got all the chance to enjoy more than an hour of water fun.

Here's the official Press Release from the Singapore Kindness Movement:

Wonder Rekindled and Friendships Forged at Kindsville
100 kids gathered at the Kindsville Party 2014 to celebrate kindness and make new friends

SINGAPORE,  9 September 2014 
100 children descended upon the Port of Lost Wonder this evening to celebrate kindness and friendships at the second annual Kindsville Party. 

An initiative of the Singapore Kindness Movement, the Kindsville Party invited school-aged children, and their families, who have written letters to Singa and the Kindness  Cubbies.

Themed “Friendship”, the party features the Kindness Cubbies and activities that reinforce the values of kindness and graciousness among friends as they splashed the evening away at the Pirate Ship Water Park. 

The children were given Friendship Packs and participated in games and craft activities designed to help them understand the importance of friendships and to encourage the formation of new friendships with other children.

Singa and the Kindness Cubbies also made an appearance, much to the delight of the children.

“My kids had lots of fun at the Party and I’m glad that they got to make new friends,” shared Mrs Swee, a parent to two kids. “Events like these remind them how being kind and considerate to others can help pave the way to lasting and meaningful friendships. It’s a lesson that remains relevant even to us as parents.”

“While I believe that we are all kind people by nature, we don’t always show it,” said Dr. William Wan, General Secretary of the Singapore Kindness Movement. “Children are easily influenced by their surroundings. I think it’s great that we—parents, educators and even peers—each play an active role in modelling kind behaviours, so our young people have kind and gracious role models to look up to.

I am glad to see so many children having fun, while learning some important life lessons, and I am particularly grateful for the support that our parents have demonstrated today."

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  1. Looks like a very enjoyable place for kids and kids-at-heart indeed ☺