10 Reasons Why We Love Trick Eye Museum

We have always wanted to visit the Trick Eye Museum in Korea but we don't have to fly to Korea already just to be there because Trick Eye Museum finally brought its tricks of the eye in Singapore. Hurray! We don't have to book plane ticket anymore just to satisfy our curiosity about the 3D Museum and imagine how elated we were when we received an invite to explore our dream museum! Amongst many other things, here are 10 reasons why we love Trick Eye Museum, Singapore:

1) The hubby was able to re-live his babyhood memories with his buddies.

2) It realized my dream to go on a relaxing holiday.

3) The hubby fulfilled his childhood dream to rest on a crescent moon.

4) I was never an athletic and flexible person but Trick Eye Museum turned me into one! I even turned into ballerina! Click here for a proof! 

5) Hubby conquered his fear and finally went skydiving!

6) We discovered we have superpowers!

7) I became an angel and I even cycled in the clouds!

8) We realized our dream to live in a castle and we even ride a swan in a lake with breathtaking scenery.

9) I finally conquered my fear for big elephants!

10) I managed to do some yoga whilst sitting on a lilypod in a pond. Isn't that awesome?!

Wish to know more reasons why we love Trick Eye Museum so much? Head over to my Instagram account and get to see for yourself how the very first 3D museum in Singapore transformed me into a mermaid, a dwarf, a circus performer and more! 

Photo credit: The Influencer Network

Thank you for the invitation, Trick Eye Museum - Singapore and The Influencer Network! My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed all the unfathomable transformations we experienced in just a matter of 2 hours! :)

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  1. Wow!!!! Am sure papa O and I will have a great time there just as papa M and you had. Love all your photos!!! Viewing them brings out the child in me. ☺