Sweet Memoirs Contributors

This year (2016), I am formally introducing my Sweet Memoirs team (a.k.a. support group). I realized I am no superwoman and I needed help to keep this site in tip-top condition so I sought help from these lovely ladies who are equally passionate about writing and life in general.

Meet Rouella
I first met this lovely young lady on Instagram and eventually met her in person when she visited Singapore last year. Rouella aims to live a life of faith, learning, inspiration and gratitude. A nurse by profession, she juggles her time between work, school, advocacy, arts and recreational activities. She shares her wonderful finds on her lifestyle blog.

Meet Marj
Marj is a fellow dentist, she was my seatmate back in the dental infirmary. She's inspired to read other's blogs and at the same time enjoys sharing her travel and food adventures. She likes spending quality time with her family and embracing every seasons of life.  

Meet Muriel
Muriel and I met in Taiwan a couple of years ago. After her Taiwan days, she settled in Dubai and married a wonderful man. As she gave birth to their first child 2 years ago, her husband was sent by his company in Singapore. Just recently, they finally decided to relocate in Singapore. You can read more about Muriel here.

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