5 Fantastic Gift Ideas For Mum

If anyone in this world deserves to be spoilt, it’s your mum. She brought you kicking and screaming into this world, looked after you when you were ill, and she’s been there for you through the highs and the lows. So once in a while, it’s nice to remind your mum just how much she means to you, right?

When it comes to a special occasion like her birthday, Christmas or Mother’s Day, it’s the perfect chance to spoil her rotten with a gift you’ll know she’ll cherish. There’s just one problem. Like so many well-intentioned sons and daughters before you, you’re faced with that eternal problem:  you’ve got precisely zero ideas on what to buy her. Yep, finding gifts for Mum is a tough one.

Sure, there are a few classics that will no doubt put a smile on her face: a bouquet of flowers, a gift-wrapped box of chocolates or her favourite designer perfumes are all sure to please. But if you’re after something a bit more original, there are loads of gift ideas online that’ll give you that much needed inspiration.

The Gift of A New Hobby

You could always spark off a brand new passion or hobby by booking your mum a gift experience package. You’ll find countless options online, from horse-riding lessons and photography workshops to French cooking classes and cheese tasting appreciation courses. The options are endless, so go for whatever you think will play to your mum’s interests.

Tasty Treats

Another option is to pick out a luxury hamper packed full of treats including things like indulgent Belgian chocolates, specialty biscuits and sparkling wines. Or you could go one better and book her a high tea experience. As well as sampling the finest brews from around the world, many of these experiences offer a selection of elegant sandwiches, pastries and cakes in the sophisticated surroundings of luxury hotels and restaurants.

A Spot of Indulgence

It’s fair to say that pretty much all mums love a bit of pampering, and there is no end of spa packages available online that offer a range of wonderfully relaxing offerings. From massages and facials to body scrubs, manicures and exfoliating treatments, you’ll be able to treat your mum to a day that leaves her feeling well and truly spoilt. Gifts for mum don’t come much better than this!

Get Sentimental

Of course, you could always play to your mum’s sentimental side. And what better way to do just that than by naming a star after her. “Name a Star” gift boxes allow you to pick out a star and give it a name (in this case, preferably your mum’s). You’ll then be given the exact co-ordinates of where to find it in the night sky. So whenever your mum gazes towards the heavens, she’ll be able to claim a little corner of the galaxy as her very own.

Family photos albums are always a real favourite, too. And if your mum constantly reaches for the photo album whenever anyone goes to visit, she’ll undoubtedly love her own photo canvas collage. Each collage can be personalised with her most cherished family snaps, which she can then hang up as a constant reminder of the people who love her most. Awww!

Gifts For Mum With The Wow Factor

It might be that you want to treat your mum to a truly memorable experiencethat she’ll never forget. If that’s the case, a fantastic option is to book a hot-air-balloon ride. Many of them can be booked to include a complimentary champagne breakfast, which will top off an experience that will no doubt live long in the memory.

Finding the perfect gifts for mum needn’t be a hassle. But if you’re still scratching your head for ideas, you could give her the opportunity to buy something for herself. There are countless shopping websites that you can sign up to and then enjoy discounts on their range of products throughout the year. So with this option, your mum gets to shop to her hearts content and can buy whatever she likes. Everyone’s a winner! 

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