Welcome Home to Ricciotti!

"In conjunction with its tenth anniversary, Ricciotti officially underwent significant changes to
provide its customers with a new dining experience by developing two different concepts. The
outlet at Riverwalk is now known as Ricciotti (formely known as Ricciotti Pizza Pasta Grill).

This new change will reflect the concept of a trendy home-style Italian meal – one that’s
steeped in warmth and comfort within a design ambience." 

For the love of Italian Food and intense longing for some well-deserved mom-me time, I attended the Media Party of Ricciotti last night via the kind invitation of Melody from PublicistPR.

Three lovely ladies welcomed us with so much warmth upon arrival as a way of saying Benvenuti Casa which means "Welcome Home". It is actually the very well thought theme of Ricciotti's grand re-opening. It is absolutely true that little details make huge difference. I felt at home instantaneously, thanks to Ricciotti's intimate atmosphere and warm ambience, familiar faces from the blogosphere and the very amicable Melody.

Drinks + Food + Art + Music
It was truly a dining experience like no other. Ricciotti succeeded in incorporating culture, art and good food in their newly revamped restaurant.

Now, let's talk about the food shall we? To match Ricciotti's Italian facelift, they also came up with newly revamped menu to showcase their premium offerings.

Here's the well presented appetizers that tickled our taste buds. I started with the Carpaccio Di Polpo which comprises thinly sliced octopus, lemon and fennel, followed by the Nizzarda Salad made of mesclun, fresh tuna loin quail eggs, green beans, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, anchovies and sherry dressing. Both dishes are bursting with flavour and rich in different textures that was very pleasant to eat.

My top pick has to be the Asparagi Alla Griglia. Grilled asparagus wrapped in parma ham, what's there not to love about it?! I love asparagus specially when it's grilled and I have a love affair with savoury parma ham with a hint of saltiness that is not overwhelming.

I am not really a fan of fries and pizza doughs but I had a bite of the Polenta Herb Fries and the Panzerroti and both are delectable as well.

The appetizers that were served to us did more than enough to whet our appetite. Personally, it made me crave for more! Up next - pasta, risotto and gnocchi! Oh am geeee, just the sight of it seating pretty on a chopping board makes me salivate. The Linguine Al Granchio is the bomb! Crab meat pasta with chili and tomato cream, for the win! It's a chili crab pasta perfection. I know! I tend to exaggerate but anything with crab and chili will always be a hit to me and my family.

Risotto Ai Frutti De Mare (soft rice with exceptionally fresh seafood) is such a flavourful comfort food, to say I like it is an understatement. Oh well, apart from my obsession over pasta and baked rice dishes, I am also a certified seafood lover. The Gnocchi Al Gorgonzola (spinach gnocchi with gorgonzola cheese) is really good too, though it was my least favourite from the three.

Just when I thought I had enough of delightful Italian food, there came our main courses. Haha! Cod Fillet + Chicken Skewers + Grilled Pork Ribs. All the grilled food seem healthier and yummier to me so I didn't really count calories. I had a taste of everything except the cod fillet because it was gone in 60 seconds! LOL. Melody said it's bellisimo!

Up next - Pizza!
Two pizzas were served to us but what left me deep impression is the 9" Al Tartufo Pizza with black truffles, quail eggs and mushrooms. It is true what they say truffles make any food stand out. I also like the 9" Porcinic E Scamorza Pizza but the cheese and mushroom lover in me ain't very satisfied with the amount of cow's milk cheese and mushroom in it.

To end our delightful Ricciotti experiential dining on a sweet note, we devoured on Tiramisu, carrot cake, Canela Sweet Pizza and Soffiatto (Italian style dark chocolate molten lava with stracciatella gelato). Ah, I just died and went to dessert heaven!

Thank you so much for the invitation, Melody and congratulations Ricciotti on your successful re-opening! Here's to another decade of good food and one of a kind Italian dining experience!

Ricciotti donates a fixed percentage of its daily sales for specific charity projects. Remember to keep your receipt after dining and input your receipt number at www.crozzborderz.com/ricciotti and tell them whom Ricciotti should donate. For complete information, visit www.ricciotti.co.

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  1. Hmmmmm truly a must visit! Hungry here!!! Wish you posted a photo of pretty you eating hehehe....:)