5 Tips to Enjoy a Stress Free Christmas

Although Christmas is without question one of the greatest times of year, it can be awfully stressful. There’s a lot to remember and think about, but if you start planning in advance you should be able to make it a purely enjoyable experience.

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Start Planning in Advance
The most obvious point: start your planning well in advance. This means outfits for you and any kids, where you will go, what you will do, and so on. Write a little plan, just as you would if you were starting a business. You’ll probably need to contact all of your loved ones and relatives to see what they’re doing, in order to plan your day around them.

Decide Who Will Make Dinner
Christmas dinner is probably the most stressful part of the day. If you’re not making it, then you can bet you’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief. However, if this is your job, you’re going to need to work hard to make sure you don’t have a nervous breakdown. I find the easiest way to do it is to keep the amount of people you invite to a minimum, and only cook the absolute essentials. This way, the things you do cook will taste and look better. If you try to cook too many things, something will probably go wrong. Another tactic is to get everybody good and drunk, so by the time it comes to the dinner they don’t care what they are eating.

Make a List of Presents to Buy
Presents are the second most stressful part of Christmas. First of all, write down everybody you’re going to buy a gift for. Then you can branch out from their name with a few ideas. The sooner you start your Christmas shopping, the sooner you can relax. Don’t leave it till the last minute like so many people these days! If you want to buy a present for a long distance relative or friend, there’s no reason you need to stress about that. A service such as Collect My Parcel will get it to them on time. Just to be sure, make sure you send it in advance with a ‘do not open until Christmas day’ note attached. Do the same with cards.

Stock Up on Alcohol
As previously mentioned, the more alcohol you buy, the better. There isn’t much to do on Christmas day anyway, so alcohol will make sure everybody is having a good time. Christmas board games may also help.

Get Plenty of Rest and Just Smile
In the run up to the big day, make sure you’re getting plenty of rest. You don’t want to fall asleep amidst all of the chaos. Also, even if you do feel stressed, just make sure you smile. A smile will calm everybody else down, and help you to control any negative feelings bubbling up inside of you.

Have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. Try not to worry too much, just remember; it’ll all be over soon!

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