Favourite Moments From Our Thailand Trip

That moment when...

  • My boy blurted out, "Good job, Airplane!" upon safely touching down in Phuket International Airport.(photo was taken about 2 minutes before actual landing)

  • My girl blissfully picks seashells in the beach as if it's the most precious thing in the world. The sunset in the background made it even more special.

  • The kids and their dad happily swam in the pool under the cold rain showers.

  • K and G pulled funny antics on me when I asked them to pose for the camera. (photo taken from our hotel room balcony with hill views)

  • K and G are having bubble bath fun after swimming. Never gets old.

  • Breakfast buffet means having our eyes feast on this breathtaking view.

  • My precious G is having so much fun in paradise.

  • I snorkeled for the first time. Surreal!

  • We celebrated our anniversary in one breathtaking island.

  • We arrived at the incredibly beautiful and stunning beyond words, Maya Bay. DREAM. COME. TRUE.


  1. oh, what a joyful story of celebrating love, K is parang dalaga na Che and G is wow, little boy now, last time I saw him he was still like a baby boy! Happy for you all to have enjoyed your trip there. Dream.come.true! Indeed!

  2. Weeeeee again! Sigh, I could feel your happiness being there. G and K are so gorgeous. I especially adore G's dimples!!! And K looks like a lady na and so pretty! ☺