What My Toddler Says

While we were on a speedboat, hubby spotted a yacht.

Hubby: Look baby, there's a boat!
G: No, it's not a boat! It's a yacht! Y is for yacht

Then he turned to me...

G: Mama, take picture ok? (pointing to the yacht) 


While we were inside a van on our way back to the hotel after island hopping...

MomME: I love you, baby!
G: (In his naughty mode) I love you, poopoo!
MomME: Sssssh, don't say poopoo so loud. Later other people will hear you, it's yucky!

Minutes later...

MomME: You want farty kiss (kiss with fart sound) or fishy kiss (go figure that out, haha)?
G: Not so loud mama, later people hear you (referring to farty kiss).


We were both in a bathtub when I suddenly slipped and almost kicked him right on his face.

G: (with confused, angry face) Mama, why did you kick me?


Last night, the hubby turned the exercise mat into a race track at bedtime and the boy had so much fun playing with him. When hubby went out to take something from the kitchen, I turned the mat into a surf board and let G surf on the bed. After a few rounds...

MomME: Ok, we're done. You're so heavy, i'm tired. 
G: Thanks for the ride, Mommy.


I came out from the master room and as I was approaching the living room where G was watching something on the iPad...

G: Mama, don't be angry ok?
MomMe: (Didn't guess what was it right away then suddenly...) Hmmmmn, it's not english (referring to his favourite Spanish show)! Switch to english show, ok?
G: Okaaaaay.


Brought G with me at my workplace. I was busy doing my paperworks...

G: Mama, look! 
MomME: What is it? 

G ran away and hid behind the sofa and I found my bosses' namecards scattered all over the floor.


While playing play doh...

K: Gian, look. I made a girl.
G: No, it's not a girl. It's a monster!

Oh my G! Hahahahahahahaha

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