Things To Consider Before You Move Out to Melbourne

So you’ve found that dream job and you’re thinking about beginning a new life abroad with your family. But before you take the plunge and uproot completely you might want to take a look at these tips for making your relocation a success.
Moving to a new area is most likely perfect if your single professional starting out. But if you’re an experienced family man it may take time, before you can take the plunge. That doesn’t mean it is a bad idea to move, but you will have to put some thought into finding your children a new school, how they and your partner are going to settle etc.

  If you’ve been working for a company for many years, it is a huge risk to start over somewhere else. If you have close friends and family nearby it may not be worth starting all over again somewhere different.

You also need to think about the cost of living. Before you even accept a new job – you need to find out whether it would be cheaper or more expensive for you to move. Think about your mortgage, utilities, food, transport, childcare, taxes, insurance and health costs. Find out what is around you also.

  If you are right next to a big discount store that is bound to make your weekly shop a lot easier. But if you’re nowhere near your favourite stores you may have to travel out of your way to find them. Take a look at a local newspaper or online to work out the costs of renting or buying a property. It can be tough to find which apartments are for sale in Melbourne, but there are many services available to help.

  There might be some things you have to sort out things with your current living arrangements. For example, if you are renting, you should be asking yourself when the current lease is up. Some research into what your current house is worth is also worth considering. If you can’t find a buyer before you’re supposed to start your new dream job – you may have to rent out in the short term. It is important to plan on selling your home and then finding a new property. To sell your home you therefore might want to turn your attention to an estate agent.

If you owe more than your property is worth then the situation becomes more complicated. Your only option then will be to find someone to rent your property out to the tune of your monthly mortgage. Only then will it eventually become possible for you to sell on the property. If your financial situation is that bad you may want to look into a short sale to avoid financial meltdown. It might be worth checking with the human resources department to see if they can recommend properties in the area. Bear in mind that you will need to work out your cost of living arrangements before you get on that plane.

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