Phi Phi Island Day Tour (Thailand, Day 3)

Day 3 is the most-happening day of our vacation in Thailand. We went on a spur of the moment adventure courtesy of the hubby who decided to treat us to a once in a lifetime island hopping experience for our anniversary and my birthday. He booked a Phi Phi Island day tour package from the same tour operator who accompanied us for a private city tour the day before. BEST. last minute. DECISION. EVER.

We left the resort at around 8am via an airconditioned minibus (it's actually a van but they call it minibus there) with a bunch of other tourists. We took the photos above while waiting to board on the speedboat that will bring us to Phi Phi Island. We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day, praise God!

It was already around 9am when we finally boarded the speedboat and left the shores of Phuket Island. We prayed for a smooth and safe journey. The kids, although not very obvious from their facial expressions here, are ecstatic about our island hopping adventure. It was a first time for the whole family to ride a speedboat. Thank God the sea waves aren't that huge and strong.

Around 45 minutes later, we arrived at Monkey Beach. Oh boy, we instantaneously fell in love with the turquoise crystal clear waters and the sight of exquisitely beautiful long tailed boats but we didn't really enjoy having monkeys disturb our limited time sightseeing and picture taking in the beach. Some brave tourists fed the monkeys who are either sitting pretty on top of the tree branches or roaming around the beach shores and had photo opp with them. Just be careful though if you are a monkey fan and plan to do the same as I heard these monkeys actually bite people when they are being pissed off.

Because we are actually celebrating our anniversary (a day in advance), a couple photo opp is a must. Such a pity we were not given ample time here, I didn't get a chance to take a photo worthy as FHM cover like the lady in white bikini in the collage above. Just kidding. I am a wholesome mommy blogger, y'know?

G only get to enjoy a short-lived happiness playing in the water. He didn't mind about the monkeys at all, good thing none of them went to disturb him.

Our next stop just a few minutes away from Monkey Beach is this beautiful snorkeling spot. When the guide announced that non-swimmers can try snorkeling too, I knew I had to strike snorkeling in my bucket list right then and there or never. Haha!

So there I was, snorkeling with a guide and a reliable life vest. I spotted colourful fishes, sea urchins and corals. The feeling of having to see sea creatures in their natural habitat is indescribable. Though I only lasted for about 10 minutes or so, I am really glad I went for it. Unforgettable experience = great birthday gift for myself.

K snorkeled for about an hour all by herself. Such a brave girl.

G joined K to play with the school of colourful fishes briefly but the boy find the sea too deep he didn't feel safe at all. Haha.

In the end, we took delight and contentment just by sitting at the edge of the boat and fed the fishes with the loaves of bread that we bought before leaving Phuket Island. I encouraged the hubby to try snorkeling too but he said he's already happy and contented with his role as our photographer. Another scaredy (big) cat in the fambam. Haha!

It was already lunchtime when the snorkeling time allotted was finished. We were transported to an island called Koh Phi Phi Don for a buffet lunch. Lunch and refreshments were included in the tour package but don't expect too much from it. Although there's ample food, I thought grilled seafood instead of regular fried chicken and stir-fried veggies would be more appropriate since we were on an island.

After lunch, we had a couple of minutes left to explore a little in the island. The kids of course opted to have more water fun instead of more photo opp. Only vain momME get to swing and pose for the camera after the mandatory family photo opp.

In this photo, obviously we're back on the speedboat and we're off to treat our eyes with more stunning scenes at Koh Phi Phi Leh. Pardon my bulging tummy, photo was taken right after lunch you know? LOL. 

Would you believe if I tell you this photo wasn't edited? In fact, all photos you see in this post were only resized. No photoshopping or colour adjustment was done at all. This is the Viking Cave bytheway, also known as Bird Nests Cave due to the thriving bird nest soup industry there. It is located north of Piley Bay on the east coast of Koh Phi Phi Ley. From what I've gathered, this cave is no longer open for tourists to enter. Most tour boats only stopped right in front of its entrance for the tourists to appreciate it's beauty from a distance.

These photos were taken at Pileh Lagoon and Loh Samah Bay (if I remember correctly). I have never seen such crystal clear blue waters and amazing rock formations before. We haven't even reached Maya Bay yet and my girl already declared that we need to come back here again.

Definitely worth coming back to admire and just take in all the beauty it offers, baby! According to our tour guide, part of the Jurrasic Park 4 was filmed around here.

We left Pileh Lagoon and Loh Samah Bay still feeling like we're on a dream (and a beautiful one at that) but as we approached Maya Bay, popularly known because of Leonardo Di Caprio's hollywood movie, The Beach, our jaws instantaneously dropped. Drop dead gorgoeus! Paradise on earth! Surreal! I am running out of words to describe it!

Everywhere you look is just breathtaking even with the hoard of tourist and tour boats around. Such a pity the photos I took didn't do justice to how stunningly beautiful the place is. I actually lamented to my bestfriend that a felt a little bad not being able to take decent, well-composed photos just like I used to do during my photo addictus days.

My only consolation is that, during the very short 1 hour time we had there, the kids really had a blast and I get to take in all its beauty and splendour while having fun with my family.

We can't bear to leave without family photo opp, hence we took these photos right before boarding the speedboat on our way to Khai Nok Island, which is our last stop for the island hopping tour before heading back to Phuket Island.

We didn't get to explore Khai Nok Island that much because the kids only wanted to swim and feed the fishes. Look at G's facial expression! Picture again? Haha!

So right after the photo opp, K went to swim and G and I fed the school of fishes whilst sitting on a rock. What a relaxing way to end our island hopping adventure!

Before finally boarding the speedboat back to Phuket, the kids played in the sand on an abandoned banana boat while hubby and I ate some grilled sweet corn.

We had tremendous and loads of fun and I think the kids and us are going to talk and dream about this adventure for a long, long time. Our hearts are full from gratitude and awe to the one above for blessing us this safe and memorable trip. Best anniversary and birthday gift, ever!

In case you missed it, read about our day 1 here and day 2 here.


  1. Hi there hot momma!! :) hmmm enjoy the photo opps with G before he finds it too corny LOL! Whew what can I say? You left me breathless with this supercalofrafelosticspoaligocious post ! ☺

  2. Beautiful photos Che, glad to see you had such a wonderful time there and even did snorkel.