Phuket, Thailand (Day 1)

It's time to kick my lazy blogger butt and write about our anniversary/birthday getaway in Phuket, Thailand. It's been 3 weeks since we came back and the procrastinator in me keeps whispering, "the travel tales can wait." I know, right? My bad! Haha! I hope this post will bring back the blogging mojo that I've lost somehow...

So... we left the shores of Singapore at around 8am and arrived in Phuket International Airport about 1 hour later. Upon landing, my boy exclaimed, "Good job, airplane!" It was his first time travelling in the air as a toddler and I am so happy to see how fascinated he is from taking off to "touching the clouds" to landing. He was actually looking forward to the "flying part" but because of air traffic, it took so long for the airplane to finally fly. G was about to fall asleep right before taking off but I encouraged him to witness how the airplane takes off before dozing off. Was a little guilty to do so but no regrets, he actually stayed awake throughout the whole journey for a reason you already know. The boy was really amazed by everything, except that he ain't so ready yet to seat all by himself with seat belt and all.

We took the airport taxi to Sea Sun Sand Resort and Spa. It took us about 45 minutes on the road before reaching our destination. While on the road the boy kept asking, "Where's the beach, mama?" Hehe! It was because we told him that we're going on a holiday in the beach beforehand.

We were graciously offered with welcome drinks upon arrival. It helped us quench our thirst whilst checking in. The check in was a breeze since the one who entertained us is a fellow Filipino.

Thank God for early check ins, we were in our room by 11am. As you can see in the above photo, we requested for an extra bed for K.

Since it was drizzling when we arrived, we rested and took photos in our room's balcony with hill views before heading out to grab some delicious local food for lunch.

When in Thailand, eat tom yum soup. Best. Tom Yum Soup. Ever! We requested for less spicy and we loved it. The rest of the local food we ate at a local eatery just opposite our hotel were equally to die for. Restaurant quality food in a small al fresco eatery. Even their drinks are freshly squeezed. Service wise was as superb as their food.

After the satisfying lunch, we headed to check out Patong Beach but made a U turn to the hotel when it started pouring again.

Since we're on a holiday, we broke the rule and let the kids swim under the rain. Thank goodness none of them got sick after.

When the rain stopped, we managed to convince forced the kids to go up and have some warm bubble bath so we can head back to the beach just in time to have dinner and watch sunset.

By the time we reached Patong Beach, G was knocked out. Haha! It must be the after effect of the warm bubble bath.

This was taken at Bangla area in Patong Beach, where both day and night life is so alive. It was about 5 minutes shuttle bus away from our hotel.

This is Patong Beach filled with tourists and beach lovers like us. You'll be seeing more of that signature pose from K in this travel tale series. Whenever I ask her to pose for the camera, she automatically poses like that.

Hubby complimented me for bringing a scarf everywhere, it instantly doubled as beach mat for our sleeping handsome boy.

In just a matter of minutes, the sky decided to treat us into a spectacular show.

Since G was sleeping, I must have taken 50 (possibly more) shots of sunset but the ones in the collage are my ultimate favourite because it included my precious K in the frame. She blissfully picked seashells and played with the waves. Later on, she declared it was the best first day of vacation ever!

In this frame, she was running towards me while shouting in excited voice "Look ma, I collected so many shells!" Apparently, she also caught a baby crab but she didn't dare took it to show it to me because she's scared it will bite her. The twinkle in her innocent, happy eyes made me so grateful that my first born who is growing way too fast to be an adolescent actually takes delight in priceless things.

I am also thankful to my hubby, who once in a while gives in to my whims and caprices. This anniversary and birthday Thailand getaway wouldn't have turned very memorable without him agreeing to some of my last minute requests.

We praise God for blessing our first day in Phuket with glorious sunset. What a great and meaningful way to end the day!

I blogged about our Day 2 here.

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  1. Psssstttttt sigh...sooooooooo beautiful!!!!! The sunset and your family! ☺