5 Ways to Make Outdoor Play Fun and Safe

My kids love playing outdoors. I confess there are times that they prefer to stay indoors and play with modern day gadgets but whenever I bring them outdoors, they end up having a blast and begging for more playtime. From the many outdoor trips we do every weekend and weekday nights, I have come to master how to make outdoor play fun and safe for my kids. Let me share you my list:

1) Bring outdoor play basic essentials
Apart from water and sunglasses, always bring mosquito lotion, sun block and sun hat whether you are heading to the pool, the beach or the park. You surely don't want your kids to suffer from mosquito bites, hot sun and dehydration.

2) Bring outdoor toys
Your kids will always conclude that you are the best mom/dad in the world if you never fail to make their outdoor play more enjoyable by bringing along suitable outdoor toys like sand castle set when you head to the beach or scooter or trikes when heading to the park.

3) Bring out the kid in you

The kids will always appreciate if you get involved in their playtime. Bring out the kid in you and play with them, you will realize that kids actually love playing with their parents much more than they enjoy playing with other kids of their age.

4) Teach your kids to appreciate nature
On our way to the park last weekend, the kids ride their scooters but they stopped to pick dried leaves, sticks, and wild flowers. I also encourage them to stop and appreciate chirping birds, beautiful butterflies, mushrooms and mimosa leaves (the one that folds when you touch, my kids call them magic weed). It turned out to be one of the best outdoor trips we ever made.

5) Never leave your kids alone
When playing with toddlers, it is safer to keep them close to you. You may opt to just watch them from a distance but make sure you never lose sight of them even for just a second.

Bonus tip: Never run out of ideas on how to make your kids' outdoor playtime fun. Make water bombs when you go to the pool, and don't forget to bring buckets and sprinklers for more water fun.

Have a blast playing outdoors with your kids!


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  1. Such an expert you are indeed! Love the joyful look on K and G's faced and the kid in M ☺