8 Ways to Get Into the Festive Spirit

Are you feeling a little ‘Scrooge’-like as of late? Many people start to feel this way in December. Everybody else seems so excited for Christmas that you just can’t seem to get as excited as them. They’re sucking all of your excitement out of you with their crazy over the top gestures. It’s normal for people who put their Christmas decorations up in November to make you feel this way. You shouldn’t let them make you feel like this forever though! Force yourself into the Christmas spirit with these 8 tips...

  1. Wear a Christmas Jumper

Buy a Christmas jumper if you don’t already have one, and wear it proudly as often as you can. Buy multiples if you like, so you can interchange them through the weeks leading up to Christmas. You might feel a bit silly, but there’s nothing silly about getting into the festive spirit.

  1. Watch Some Christmas Films

Christmas films are my ultimate go-to thing when I need to feel festive. You have hundreds to choose from; you could watch one each day in December and still have plenty left over. Here are some of my favorites to help you:

  • Elf.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • The Muppets Christmas Carol.
  • Home Alone.
  • It’s a Wonderful Life.
  • The Grinch.
  • Scrooged.
  • The Santa Claus.
  • Arthur Christmas.
  • Fred Claus.

There’s no way you can’t feel festive with one of these films on!

  1. Start Your Christmas Shopping

The earlier you start your Christmas shopping, the better. You can never be too prepared, and this means you can let the mayhem unfold around you during December while you feel smug that you’ve got everything sorted. Better yet, do your Christmas shopping online on sites like Gifts from Handpicked to make things even less stressful.

  1. Sing Along to Christmas Songs

Christmas songs might seem a little cheesy, but if you sing along to just a few you’ll start to feel festive. The classics are always the best, so put on ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ and sing your heart out!

  1. Put Your Tree Up

Putting the tree up is always a lot of fun, especially if you love to decorate it differently each year. What color scheme will you choose? What style will you go for? I love skinny little trees with shabby chic decorations!

  1. Bake Some Christmas Treats

Baking Christmas treats will keep you busy and leave your home smelling delicious. Bake Christmas cookies, mince pies, and even put together some Christmas cocktails if you fancy a drink.


  1. Light Some Christmas Candles

Christmas candles are another way you can make your home smell gorgeous. They help to create an atmosphere too! Cinnamon, red berry, and similarly scented candles should do the trick.

  1. Go and Soak Up the Christmas Atmosphere

Get outside of your home and soak up the Christmas atmosphere. I bet there are loads of things you’re missing out on! Why not give a friend/family member a call and go for a festive drink with them? You could even just browse the decorated shopping centres.

You can thank me later for the festive feelings you’re about to enjoy!

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