A Guide to Making Your Big Day Extra Special

Everybody wants to make sure that their big day is extra special; not like the rest. You definitely don’t want your wedding to be forgettable amongst all of the other weddings that your guests have been to. The key to making sure your big day is special, is ensuring that it’s for you and your other half - nobody else! Try these tips for a very special wedding.

Carefully Choose Wedding Music

The music is one of the most important parts of the wedding day, yet many people neglect to specify what they want. You should make a list of the songs and types of songs you definitely want to be played, as well as a list of songs you don’t want to be played. Make sure you include songs you and your other half like, your friends like, and even songs your grandparents will like. Make your goal to get everybody up dancing by the end of the night!

Make Sure You Both Love the Venue

The venue should have a special meaning to you both, and you should absolutely love it. You can always spruce up the decor with lighting and decorations, so take that into account too. Try this wedding venue in Dorset to start your search.

Make Sure the Food Reflects Your Personalities

Before you even taste any of the potential food, make sure you think about what kind of food suits your personalities first. You could choose a sit down meal, a buffet, or a bit of both. One of the best weddings I went to served mini canopies to start, then a sit down meal, and then street food later into the night. Everybody loved it!

Arrive in a Non Traditional Way

The limo isn’t the only way to arrive at your wedding. Think outside of the box and arrive in a non traditional way to really impress your guests. If you’re getting married by a canal, for instance, you could take a boat! You could even drive our own car there if you both love it.

Make Your Own Decorations

Making your own decorations will help you to feel proud about the way you’ve decorated the venue. You’ll be able to tell guests that you made them yourself, and it’ll be a great feeling. It could be something as simple as making your own place cards with special card and some stamps.

Include Family Heirlooms

Including family heirlooms in your big day can be very special. You could decorate your bouquet with an antique bracelet, for instance. It’ll then have even more of a history to it that you can tell your kids about when you pass it on!

All of these tips will help you to make your big day extra special - I bet your guests will think so too! Make sure you stick to your idea of a dream wedding, but also be sure to include your partner in the decision making so it’s special for both of you. Have an amazing time!

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