Fashion Bloggers I Look Up To

Instead of reading fashion magazine, I opt to read my favourite fashion bloggers' blogs to find some inspiration. Most of them are very generous with tips and tricks on how to look your best in different occasions, be it in a party, at work, while exploring another country, in a casual day out with friends and so on and so forth.

Having said that, let me tell you the top 2 fashion bloggers I look up to. Here they are in no particular order:

1) Camille Co
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I stumbled upon Camille's blog, sometime in 2012 and I was hooked in reading her fashion and travel posts since then. What I like most about Camille is her modesty. She's very successful at such a young age but she remains very humble and approachable, she even replied to answer my question in one of her blog post. 

According to her About Page, Camille went straight to fashion design after graduating with honors with a degree in BS Management from Ateneo De Manila University in 2009. She started her own label, Coexist, a clothing line that caters to the young and fashion savvy women of today-becoming one of the most promising young designers in the country, recognized by the Philippines Top fashion magazines like Metro, Mega and Preview with the latter even including in its annual 10 Designers to Watch For list in 2010.

2) Karen Cheng
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I got to know about Karen because someone told me I look like her. I got curious so I went to check her Fashion and Life blog and I was blown away how inspiring this woman is. Karen is not just (no pun intended) an award-winning fashion blogger. Karen is now my thinspiration and I look up to her as an amazing mom.

She can cook mouth watering foods like a professional chef, she's very hands on to her 3 boys, and she's an incredible wife to her cancer survivor husband. Karen is an epitome of a successful modern woman who balances family and career (a.k.a. blogging professionally) so effortlessly. In case you are curious, head over to About Page to see for yourself all her numerous awards.

Camille and Karen inspire me not just fashion-wise but in living life to the fullest in general.

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  1. And you in turn inspire me a lot simply for being uniquely "you" ☺