G's First Visit at Jurong Bird Park

It's been a couple of years since we last visited Jurong Bird Park. Every time I wanted to go there with the kids, the hubby always tell me we should go to Singapore Zoo instead because there are also birds there anyway, and there are zoo animals to see.
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Good thing I chanced upon this Jurong Bird Park Offer at Wildlife Reserves Singapore on Facebook. We got 1 year unlimited entry for the price of 1 day ticket. So worth our less than one hundred bucks payment for the whole family. If you are interested to avail the SG50 promotion, click here. (Note: I wasn't paid to promote the park, I am just happy to share.)

Our first stop was the Penguin Coast. The photo above says it all. G was totally smitten and amazed at how the penguins swim so gracefully.

We stayed for a while at Penguin Coast to appreciate the beauty of penguins then off we boarded the park tram for some sight seeing before exploring the park by foot. While on board the tram, G asked what's that/what are those? (yes, he says that like a professional grammar nazi) " gazillion times and I had to patiently answer one by one of course to which I earned so much deep gratitude and appreciation from the hubby because, you know, sometimes it's just so tiring to answer toddler questions over and over again. LOL.

We took one whole turn and alighted back to where we boarded then did a quick family photo opp with the beautiful flamingos.

The kids were completely mesmerized by the variety of birds flying and roaming around the park. I had a hard time naming each bird every time the little one asks but I really enjoy being a #momtoanextremelyinquisitivetoddler.

These crowned pigeons were one of their favorites..,

... and this place is my personal favorite, the Lory Loft. Being surrounded by lush greenery is just so therapeutic and relaxing! G and I hopped from one hanging bridge to another as K and daddy were busy feeding lorries.

I once told K in one of our heart to heart talk, "never let go of the child in you, no matter how fast you grow up." I am so happy and relieved that even though she's fast growing to be a teenager, she's still a child at heart.

These kids are my life. I live for them and I love creating their childhood memories by bringing them to discover new places and do unforgettable things together as a family. I know I am beginning to sound so sentimental.., please allow me to digress further... I always wonder, why do these kids need to grow too fast?

Back to my reality, we watched a show at the Pool Amphitheater and took the opportunity to rest our feet from endless walking.

Afterwhich we visited the Waterfall Aviary.

Family photo opp with the tallest manmade waterfall in the background. G is getting a bit sleepy already as 3pm was his usual nap time.

I promised to let him have some water fun at the Birdz of Play so we took the tram back near the park entrance where the water playground is located.

A couple of minutes later, it rained and we were stuck for almost an hour waiting for the rain to stop and waiting for a taxi to come and bring us home. Nevertheless, we were grateful for another wonderful day spent as a family.


  1. what a lovely excursion, oh, you are inspiring me to blog again, Che, I miss sharing the joys not only in pictures but also in words

  2. The crowned pigeons are blue!!!! Ohamgee hehehe! K is beginning to look like a lady and a very pretty one! Am sure she will always be a child at heart and emotionally attached to you so don't yah worry mamah! Hehehe ☺ Your travel posts inspire me a lot too! Have I told you you are one of my favorite bloggers? And I am definitely a fan! 😊