How to Pack a Parcel Like A Professional

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With the ubiquity of intangibles such as email, rich media, and digital assets; many haven't hired a parcel delivery service in some time. And those who have opted to have physical items shipped from online shopping websites or from friends and family far away are usually on the receiving end and don't know the first thing about properly packaging their assets before shipping.

Low-Cost Delivery Services

Not all delivery services for hire are created equal, and it's no secret that the current online shopping boom we've been experiencing over the last 10 years has been propelled by easy to identify competition and free shipping.

Just this holiday season saw a record-breaking Black Friday in online sales and online spending. The 5 day-weekend that starts from Thanksgiving to Black Friday and ending in Cyber Monday but since the convenience of online shopping has gained record followers, it’s no surprise the 5 day shopping spree becomes a 5-day shopping spurge. This is good news for parcel shipping companies who see their sales go up as the end of the year nears. Sending parcels abroad from the UK has now become as easy as pie.

Shipping or delivery services are becoming increasingly competitive due to the deregulation of government postal services in many countries, and the demand of free shipping from online retailers. Let’s face it; once a customer sees the words “FREE SHIPPING” it’s as good as sold! Which is why online retailers want to lure the customers with this bait and it’s paying them dividends in sales.

Such unregulated low-cost services come with another less thought-of cost; they make mistakes. A lot of mistakes.

Hiring and outsourcing to third parties who are paid by the parcel are cutting corners to the dissatisfaction of those on the receiving end of parcel deliveries.

Bottom line: The responsibility of dealing with damaged or missing parcel deliveries is on the sender, not the receiver. Here's how to save yourself some hassles when having a parcel delivered by a delivery service;

Never Over-Load Your Parcel

Lighter boxes are less likely to get dropped or forcibly handled, so as a rule, it is good to stay below weight requirements for parcels you are having delivered.

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Eliminate Movement within Your Parcel

The more leeway between objects in your parcel, the more room they have to be jostled around and become damaged. Pack parcels tightly with packing supplies such as bubble wrap, foam, and paper to eliminate movement within.

Reinforce Boxes Under Seal

Boxes are often opened with box-cutters that may cut too deep, so be sure to thicken up cardboard areas around the seal. Another rule to protect the items you're shipping is to ensure that items are placed inside approximately 2 inches from the edge of the parcel in case your parcel is pierced or dropped.

Spread it Out

If you're using more than one or two boxes to deliver items of varying value, be sure to spread out valuables over each box and not put them all into one parcel. This will ensure that any damage or loss is not a complete loss.

Go Big or Go Home

Be sure to use a big enough box. Once again, opting to save some copper could cost you the entire delivery.

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