Family Journal: Our White Christmas

Fulfilled the kids' wish to have a white Christmas and to sum up how they loved and enjoyed it, let me quote my boy.

"Mom, this is amazing!"

It's true! he said that while running and jumping in glee.

Towards the end of our 2-hr stay inside the snow chamber, K started to feel really numb so she told us she wanted to got out already.

MomMe: Ok, baby. It's time to say bye-bye to the snow.

G: Ate and daddy say bye-bye to snow, mama and Gian play with snow!

Hahahahaha! He actually feels very cold too already but he's having way too much fun with snow that he just wanted to spend more time inside the snow chamber with me so we extended for another 10 minutes or so.

Enjoy our family photos taken by Picture Air crew at Snow City!

Somehow, G went on some tongue-out spree! LOL. The photos don't even justify how much fun we had because cameras and handphones are not allowed in the snow chamber.

How was your Christmas?


  1. I'd say great shots and yep I terribly enjoyed your smiles! :)
    ~had a joyous Christmas with the fambam ☺

  2. happiness :) echoing kulasa, I terribly enjoyed your smiles so echoing happiness and joyfulness