Three Tips for Finding Your Size in Shoes

If you have a common foot size, shoe shopping may be as simple as stopping into a local retailer and picking out something you like. However, the range of sizes that exists in nature is much larger than the range offered for sale at most shops. Whether your feet are unusually small or uncommonly large, trying to find shoes when you have an 'odd' size can be frustrating. Here are some tips for snagging footwear in your size.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask

In our pursuit of instant gratification, many people don't realize that it is possible to order shoes from the shops. Ask an employee if special orders are processed. If the answer is yes, place an order and then enter it into your cellphone's calendar so you don't forget about your request. If they do not do special orders at the store, ask if they have any recommendations. Chances are, they can point you in the direction of retailers that do carry your size.

Search for a Cobbler

If you live in a moderately large town or near a major metro, it's likely that there is an honest-to-goodness cobbler somewhere nearby. While they can't make you a sweet pair of Air Jordans, they can make absolutely gorgeous loafers, moccasins, wingtips, high heels and boots in all sorts of styles. While this option is, of course, going to be pricey, shoes that fit your feet in both length and width are going to last you far longer than cheaper, ill-fitting shoes.

Take Your Search Online

It may seem as if buying shoes online is a bad idea, but many Internet businesses offer attractive return policies that let you shop from the comfort of your own home for a wide range of styles. is one such outlet that offers up a wide range of sizes at reasonable prices. Shop around and see what offers will work best for you, your needs and your budget.

Having feet of a less-common size can make shoe shopping a challenge. These strategies will assist you in finding footwear that fits your budget, lifestyle and feet, so don't be afraid to explore all of your options.

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