3 Romantic Valentine Dinner Ideas

Confession: I am a hopeless romantic.

That said, I am now on the look out for a romantic restaurant where I and the hubby can dine and spend some lovey-dovey time on St. Valentine's Day. Remember our candle-lit Valentine dinner at P.S. Cafe last year? We are definitely not going there again because I love painting new memories with my love ones in places we've never been to . Yes, I am very particular with dining options like that. You are welcome to roll your eyes. Haha!

Here are my shortlisted romantic dinner ideas to celebrate love:

1) Torch-lit Dinner by the Beach

Imagine dining with sand underneath your feet and deep blue skies above your head whilst enjoying the relaxing sound of the waves and gentle sea breeze blowing on your face. You'll definitely feel like you were being transported in a secluded place where you and your partner can savor intimate moments together while having some gastronomic indulgence. Can there be anything more perfect setting than that?

2) Sky Dining Experience

Always take delight in new experiences and making memories. Who would not love to have a fine dining experience while on board the capsule of Singapore Flyer? The Singapore skyline is breathtakingly stunning at night, it will definitely make one great backdrop for a romantic dinner. If you find the capsule too big for an intimate celebration, you can opt for an sky dining experience via Singapore Cable Car instead. The view is just as stunning. 

3) Dining by the Pier

I don't know about you but I have a thing about dining by the pier. The sight of sailboats have this relaxing effect and those luxurious yachts make me want to be a millionaire even just for a night and book a dinner for two in one of the Dubai Marina restaurants. My hubby and I have this habit of daydreaming and we always picture ourselves traveling around the world to have a quick romantic getaway and satisfy our cravings for international cuisine.

How about you? What is your idea of a romantic Valentine dinner?


  1. I have never tried sky dining, must be thrilling. Dining by the pier is a treat for me!

  2. ahhh...the day of love is soon approaching and everyone will be busy again on how to prepare such a sweet and unforgettable moment..good tips.

  3. Nice ideas. Sky Dining would be fine sa Sinagapo. There in the botanical garden.

  4. Sky Dining would be really interesting and dining by the pier would be really romantic.

  5. Hmm, I wonder what it would be like to have a sky dining experience and how much a couple would spend for that.